Kin's mission is to simplify homeowners insurance from start to finish. That means a few key things for us:

  • Make it easy to apply for coverage and get the right amount.
  • Help you save as much as possible – most customers save $500 on average when they switch to Kin.
  • Exceed your expectations with our unrivaled service, guidance, and gratitude.

If our customers are any indication, we’re on the right track. Take a look for yourself and read a deep-dive into one customer's experience.



What Makes Kin Different

review comparison chartKin was built from the ground up with one simple mission: to fix homeowners insurance. We aren’t alone in seeing the problem in the industry, either. According to a recent study from J.D. Power, 74 percent of customers believe the home insurance industry needs improvement. Thirteen percent say it needs radical improvement.

We’ve taken that call for change to heart and reimagined what insurance should be. It should be easy to get the right coverage. It should be affordable to protect your home. And every interaction you have with us should leave you feeling informed and cared for – like family.

Our exceptional service reflects the trust you place in us. And that’s why we never settle for good enough. 

We consistently outpace other insurance companies on customer satisfaction. Our Net Promoter Score (how likely our customers are to recommend us to a friend) is 84 – miles above the industry average of 35 / 100. It’s also why our customers are eager to share their experience. nps-chartIn a nutshell, this is what makes Kin so different:

  1. We create affordable coverage for homeowners who need it most. While company after company has left Florida and California, raised prices, or dropped policyholders, we take pride in serving homeowners in areas most affected by extreme weather and offering affordable coverage. Our products – from flood and hurricane coverage to wildfire coverage – are designed with your needs in mind. 

  2. We put you first. Our licensed representatives are trained to exceed your expectations. We check in to see how you’re doing, not just when you’ve filed a claim. And when you do have a loss, we leverage technology and virtual inspections to settle claims quickly and get your home back in order. Plus, we're even structured so that when you buy a policy from the Kin Interinsurance Network, you own a piece of our company, too. It's our way of making sure your voice is heard.

  3. We make everything easy. Our application makes getting the right amount of coverage easy – you get clear coverage recommendations and see how your choices impact your premium. We rely on data to help us understand the ins and outs of your home so you don’t have to answer complicated questions. Plus, you can ask us questions anywhere: on our website, on the phone, via email, or on our social media channels. You can also learn more about insurance through our  blog, FAQs, and glossary, which are updated regularly based on real customer questions and feedback. 

But don’t take our word for it. Get a quote and experience better insurance for yourself.

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