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Olympus Insurance Review: What the Data Says

This Olympus Insurance review looks at real consumer reports, data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and average premiums. It's our goal to help you make informed decisions as you search for the best home insurance in Florida

Olympus Insurance offers a variety of home insurance products, including homeowners, condo, townhome, and landlord insurance. It also offers scheduled personal property and flood insurance. The company maintains 1.46 percent of the Florida homeowners insurance market share and has an A, Exceptional, rating from Demotech.

Olympus Insurance Customer Reviews

Olympus Insurance doesn’t have a lot of reviews for a company of its size - only 44 Google reviews in total with an average rating of 3.7 stars. Nearly all reviews from the past year are one-star reviews. The negative reviews cite cancellations within months of buying the policy and a denied claim after Hurricane Michael. Olympus doesn't respond to many of their negative reviews. 

By contrast, Kin has nearly 800 customer reviews on Trustpilot, averaging 4.8 stars. The majority are overwhelmingly positive, but in the rare case of a negative review, we  respond quickly and try to find a good solution. We think these can be teaching moments. Most of our reviews acknowledge our expertise, ease, and savings. On average, we help our customers save $500 a year on their home insurance. 

olympus insurance reviews

Bottom line: Customer reviews are the best way to see how well a company lives up to its promises. 

Olympus Insurance Complaint Score

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) maintains a database called the Complaint Index. This represents complaint numbers in conjunction with the company's market share so consumers can compare complaint ratios fairly. A complaint score of 1 means a company has the expected number of complaints for its size. Companies with a score of 2 have twice as many complaints. A score of 0 means the company experiences fewer than expected complaints.

Olympus Insurance has a complaint score of 5.04, which means it have five times more complaints than a company of its size usually experiences. In 2019, it had a total of 82 complaints and $171 million in premium. This was nearly double its complaints in 2018 (43). Complaints seem to be increasing as the company grows and scales.

Kin, by contrast, has a score of 0, far below the median score and the scores of most Florida insurers.

naic complaint index

Olympus Insurance Average Premium

Florida has some of the highest home insurance premiums in the country because of its hurricane and flood risk.  The bad news? Prices are on track to steadily increase each year as storms become more severe and frequent.

Some insurers, like Kin, are working hard to bring prices down. For example, to insure a newly built $300,000 home, our average premium is about $1,354 a year. Olympus Insurance’s average annual premium is $1,428, 5 percent more than Kin’s. 

Average Annual Premium Comparison

Value of Home

Kin Insurance

Olympus Insurance

$300k New Build $1,354 $1,428

You’ll still need to get a quote to see how much we can save you. Your costs may vary depending on your location, your home's age and construction, your claims history, and more. Plus, you may qualify for more discounts and wind mitigation credits.

Olympus Insurance Claims

Claims can be a real opportunity for an insurance company to demonstrate its value. Most customers pay for insurance for years without ever filing a claim. So when they need their company to be there for them, they rightfully expect good results.

We can't speak to Olympus' claims process, and public reviews offer little insight beyond disappointment over denied claims after major hurricanes. 

We can speak to our process, though. We rely on both technology and good communication to ensure claims are settled fairly. We established the Managed Repair Network to help our customers easily connect with highly vetted, insured contractors to  handle their repairs. It's one way we empower policyholders and help them get their homes back in order quickly after a disaster.

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