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Located at the intersection of Interstate 49 and U.S. Route 190, Opelousas sits far enough inland to miss the brunt of most major hurricanes that hit Louisiana. But that doesn’t mean the town’s approximately 16,000 residents don’t feel the effects. Hurricanes have been known to knock out Opelousas’ power, blow shingles off of roofs, and send residents looking for shelter.

The risk for hurricane winds is enough of a reason for Opelousas’ 6,200 households to buy insurance, but the cost of the coverage can be disconcerting. Louisiana has some of the highest premiums in the nation. Finding quality homeowners insurance in Opelousas, LA that doesn’t break your budget is essential to protecting your most valuable asset.

What homeowners insurance in Opelousas, LA covers

Opelousas home insurance provides financial protection when you have a covered loss such as fire, theft, windstorm, or burst pipes. Policies typically include the following six coverages:

  • Dwelling coverage. If your home is damaged by a covered claim, your home insurance helps pay for repairs or the cost of rebuilding your home.
  • Other structures coverage. Home insurance also helps you cover costs if any detached structures are damaged, such as sheds and fences.
  • Personal property coverage. The contents of your home and your personal belongings, including things like electronics, clothing, and appliances, are typically covered if they’re lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Loss of use coverage. If your home is uninhabitable while being repaired after a covered loss, your home insurance company often pays for your extra living expenses, such as hotel and food bills.
  • Personal liability coverage. Your homeowners policy usually covers your legal costs including settlements or court awards if you’re sued for someone’s injuries or property damage.
  • Medical payments coverage. Guests who are injured on your property can usually get their immediate medical bills covered through your home insurance.

The policies we sell include these six coverages on an open-perils basis. That means most perils are covered unless they are specifically excluded in the policy. Commonly covered perils include fire, burst pipes, theft, and windstorm. If your home is damaged by a named storm, you will most likely also have to pay a hurricane deductible. Flooding from a hurricane, however, is almost always excluded. For that, you need flood insurance.

The cost of homeowners insurance in Opelousas, LA

Louisiana is one of the most expensive states for buying home insurance thanks to years of significant losses. The average Louisiana home insurance policy costs $2,037 per year. And while Opelousas is in what is considered a safer part of the state, homeowners there still pay over $1,330 per year on average.

Location, however, isn’t the only factor in your annual premium. Owners of Opelousas’ historic homes typically pay more for home insurance than someone with new construction. Newer homes generally see more favorable rates because they’re built to higher safety standards and the materials are usually easier to replace.

Tips for lowering Opelousas home insurance costs

One way to save money on homeowners insurance in Opelousas is to earn discounts. The policyholders we work with received discounts when they:

You can also save when you increase your deductible. Our policies often come with the following AOP deductible and hurricane deductible options:

  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $2,500
  • $5,000
  • $7,500
  • $10,000
  • Or 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, or 10% of Coverage A

Remember that while increasing your deductible can lower your premium, it also means you take on more financial responsibility if you have to file a claim. You need to be sure you can cover the amount you select. If you have any questions about your deductible or getting homeowners insurance in Opelousas give us a call at 855-717-0022.

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