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As the oldest settlement in Louisiana, Natchitoches has families that go back for generations. The city’s pride in its history is apparent in the mix of Queen Anne and Victorian architecture found throughout the Natchitoches Historic District, which is made even more lovely by the Cane River flowing through it.

But the area's beauty doesn’t mean the city is free of risks. Each of the approximately 6,200 households need Natchitoches homeowners insurance to protect their most valuable asset.

The cost of homeowners insurance in Natchitoches, LA

With average annual premiums sitting at $2,037, Louisiana has some of the most expensive home insurance rates in the country. But homeowners insurance in Natchitoches, LA can be much more affordable – as low as $1,475 per year.

This is partly because of the city’s location. Historically, the hurricanes that do roll through Natchitoches tend to have weakened and cause less damage.

However, location is only one of many factors that impact home insurance premiums. For example, coverage for a new home is often less expensive than it is for an older home. Newer homes often get better pricing because they meet new building codes and have less potential for losses. Older Natchitoches homes are considered riskier, so insurers charge higher premiums for them.

What Natchitoches home insurance covers

Natchitoches homeowners insurance protects you against the financial losses that follow many common perils, including fire, theft, and windstorm. The home insurance policies we sell in Louisiana typically have six primary coverages that come into play depending on the type of loss that you have. These are:

  • Dwelling coverage to help repair or rebuild your home if it’s damaged by a covered peril.
  • Other structures coverage that can cover the cost of repairing or replacing detached structures on your property, like barns and sheds.
  • Personal property coverage that may cover the contents of your home such as appliances and electronics.
  • Loss of use coverage that provides funds for additional living expenses if you’re unable to stay in your home due to a covered loss.
  • Personal liability coverage to help pay your legal costs if someone outside of your family claims you’re responsible for their injuries or property damage.
  • Medical payments coverage that can cover your guests’ minor medical bills if they’re injured on your property.

Natchitoches homeowners insurance purchased through Kin* typically cover your home for damage caused by windstorms, including hurricanes. This most likely will include a hurricane deductible that kicks in when there’s a named storm. However, water damage from a hurricane is most likely not included and requires a separate flood insurance endorsement.

Unique risks for homes in Natchitoches

As recently as 2020, Natchitoches has been pelted by hurricane winds and heavy rains. That’s when Hurricane Laura stormed through Natchitoches Parish, causing downed trees, widespread flooding, and other damage. Additionally, Natchitoches has some flood risk thanks to its proximity to the Cane River and Sibley Lake. All Natchitoches homeowners should check the area's flood map to see if their home is in a flood zone and make sure they have home insurance with a flood endorsement.

Finally, Natchitoches experiences frequent hail, thunderstorms and tornadoes. Damage from these events are typically covered by home insurance.

Tips for lowering Natchitoches homeowners insurance costs

Natchitoches homeowners can save money by taking advantage of premium discounts available through Kin. Customers may be eligible for a discount when they:

Another way to save money on your homeowner insurance in Natchitoches, LA is to increase your deductible. This usually lowers your annual premium because you take on more financial responsibility in a claim. While this method can be a way to save money, you should only choose a deductible that you can easily afford if you have a loss.

Policies from Kin offer the following AOP and hurricane deductibles:

  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $2,500
  • $5,000
  • $7,500
  • $10,000
  • Or 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, or 10% of Coverage A

If you have any questions about getting homeowners insurance in Natchitoches, LA or would like a quote, enter your address or call us at 855-717-0022.

*Kin is Kin Insurance Network Distributor, LLC, a licensed surplus lines producer.

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