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Bossier City has been experiencing a renaissance since being named the best place to live in Louisiana two years in a row. Enough people have been flocking to the Bossier Parish seat so that it’s now the sixth most populous city in the state with approximately 68,000 residents and nearly 27,000 households.

Each of the city’s residents understand that while Bossier City doesn’t have the hurricane risks of Louisiana towns along the Gulf coast, it does see its fair share of thunderstorms, floods, and tornadoes. In fact, Bossier City averages more tornadoes than the rest of Louisiana and the nation.

These extreme weather events make Louisiana home insurance a no-brainer for the Bossier City homeowners who pay an average of $1,664 per year for coverage. That’s not the most expensive in Louisiana, but it’s not the cheapest either.

Bossier City home insurance costs

Bossier City sees more favorable rates than many other Louisiana towns because it’s farther inland and doesn’t take the brunt of hurricanes. However, insurance companies use a host of factors to establish the risk a home faces to determine how much premium to charge. So while your physical location plays a significant role, other factors also impact your premium, such as:

  • Your proximity to risks.
  • The building materials.
  • Your claims history.

The amount of coverage you choose also affects your home insurance premium. Below, we’ve listed the average premium based on the amount of dwelling coverage.

Every insurance company uses this data differently, so rates often vary widely from insurer to insurer. The rates the policies we offer are based on thousands of data points, so the premiums represent your home's risk. Often, that makes the coverage less expensive. Our average member pays just $1,228 per year in Bossier City.

What Bossier City home insurance covers

The Bossier City home insurance you can get through Kin* offers six basic coverages. These are:

  • Replacement-cost dwelling coverage: Helps pay for repairs to your home if it’s damaged in a covered event.
  • Other structures coverage: Covers repairs to detached structures on your property like a shed.
  • Personal property coverage: Helps replace damaged personal belongings in the home, such as electronics, furniture, and appliances.
  • Loss of use coverage: Provides money for extra costs incurred when you are displaced from your home in a covered claim.
  • Personal liability coverage: Assists with legal costs and settlements when someone claims you are responsible for their injuries or property damage.
  • Medical payments coverage: Pays for small medical bills if a guest requires medical attention.

Bossier City homeowners insurance policies typically cover damage caused by wind, which is good considering the high risk the area has for tornadoes. Most policies placed through us also require a hurricane deductible, but this usually only applies to named storms. Your AOP deductible applies to damage caused by a tornado.

Policies purchased through Kin can have a range of h

Flooding, unfortunately, isn’t usually included in home insurance. For that, you need flood insurance either as a standalone policy or an endorsement added to your homeowners.

Bossier City's unique risks

Most of Bossier City is considered an area of low flood risk, at least for a 100-year flood. However, it’s also flanked by the Red River and Flag Lake that can overflow during heavy rains and cause flash floods. Plus, some areas of the city may have other flood zone designation, so homeowners should investigate their property’s specific flood risk.

Additionally, all of Louisiana is at risk during hurricane season. Although Bossier Parish faces a lower risk than large portions of the state, it has still seen 30 hurricanes since 1930. The most recent of these is Hurricane Isaac in 2012.

Tips for lowering Bossier City home insurance costs

While Bossier City homeowners insurance premiums through Kin are already competitive, you can save even more with our discounts and premium credits. For instance, you may be eligible for a discount if you:

Another way to save on homeowners insurance costs is to elect a higher deductible. Doing this often reduces your premium. We currently offer hurricane and AOP deductibles of:

  • $500.
  • $1,000.
  • $2,500.
  • $5,000.
  • $7,500.
  • $10,000.
  • Or 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, or 10% of Coverage A.

When you choose a higher deductible, you need to have that amount in cash to pay during a claim. You want to be sure you can afford the cost without risking your ability to recover from a major loss.

If you have any questions about getting insured in Bossier City or would like a quote, enter your address or call us at 855-717-0022.

*Kin is Kin Insurance Network Distributor, LLC, a licensed surplus lines producer.

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