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Gulfstream Insurance Review: What the Data Says

This Gulfstream Insurance review explores objective data – what real customers say, National Association of Insurance Commissioners complaint trends, and average premium – to give you a sense of where the company excels and what is left to be desired. Our hope is this review can help you make informed choices when shopping for the best home insurance.

Gulfstream Insurance is a Panhandle state insurance carrier that offers homeowners, condo, renters, flood, and dwelling fire coverage in Florida. The company has less than 1 percent of the Florida homeowners insurance market share and maintains an A, Exceptional, rating from Demotech. 

Gulfstream Insurance Customer Reviews

Gulfstream's customer reviews on Clearsurance are few and far between, only nine in total, making it difficult to see trends in customer experience. Most reviews are from 2019 or earlier, and it has an average rating of 1.1 out of five stars. 

One review cites a hurricane claim that was poorly handled. Another one-star review cited a  water damage claim that was covered but the policy was immediately cancelled afterward. Positive reviews cite a pleasant experience and good pricing.  

By contrast, our average rating is 4.8. In our 800 customer reviews on Trustpilot,  folks often cite our knowledgeable staff and overall friendliness. Our representatives work hard to get homeowners coverage quickly, but not at the sake of the customer relationship. Our staff understands protecting your home is no small matter.

gulfstream insurance review

Bottom line: When customers are the highest priority, it shows.

Gulfstream Insurance Complaint Score

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) created the Complaint Index to weigh complaints in relation to a company's size and market share. This helps consumers accurately compare complaint trends regardless of an insurer's size.

The Complaint Index's median is 1, which represents a "normal" number of complaints based on company size. If a company has a score of 2, they receive twice as many complaints as would be expected, and so on. 

Gulfstream Insurance has a score of 4.02, more than four times the expected number of complaints with the NAIC. It had 49 complaints and $128 million in premium in 2019, almost on par with its 48 complaints in 2018. In 2017, it had 22 complaints and $132 million in premium. It seems the company is losing market share and increasing in complaints.

Kin, by contrast, has a score of 0, far below the median score and the scores of most Florida insurers.

naic complaint index

Gulfstream Insurance Average Premium

Gulfstream Insurance's homeowners insurance premiums for a $300,000 newly built home is $1,783 on average. Ours is $1,354, about 31 percent cheaper.

As you shop for insurance, consider other factors beyond price. The best companies are price competitive, offer robust coverage, and have great customer reviews.

Average Annual Premium Comparison

Value of Home

Kin Insurance

Gulfstream Insurance

$300k New Build $1,354 $1,783

A note about our average price: This average reflects pricing throughout the state. Your actual cost depends on your location, home size, construction, and claims history. Many of our customers save $500 on average when they switch to us.

Gulfstream Insurance Claims

There aren't many public reviews about the Gulfstream claims process – at least not enough to discern whether the complaints we saw were flukes or commonplace. So we won't weigh in here.

We can account for our process, though. We believe claims is when an insurer should make good on the promises of an insurance policy. It should be an opportunity to shine.

When a policyholder reports a loss, we guide them through next steps, help arrange virtual inspections when possible, and come to a fair settlement. Once that's approved, our customers who opted in for our Managed Repair Network are instantly connected with vetted local, licensed, and insured contractors. That way, they experience as little downtime as possible.

If you're looking for a better insurance experience, come see what we're about and get a quote today.

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