Gathering for Thanksgiving? Read These COVID Safety Tips

We have a lot to be thankful for, but one thing’s for sure: this Thanksgiving will be unlike any other because of the pandemic. And if you’re like most folks, this time of you has you wondering how to safely celebrate the holidays with your loved ones.

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Halloween Safety Tips During COVID-19

Like everything else this year, COVID-19 is changing how we do Halloween, too. If you still want to celebrate the spooky season, here’s how you and your family can do it safely, according to the CDC.

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California Homeowners: It’s Time for Better Insurance

In recent years, the California insurance market has changed drastically in response to the state’s severe wildfires. And climate change is only making the problem worse.

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We Just Raised $35M in Series B Funding to Fix Home Insurance

Big, exciting news! We’re happy to announce we raised $35 million in Series B funding from a team of visionary investors. 

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