Reminder: Home Insurance Covers More Than Just Your Home

Home insurance covers your home, belongings, and other structures for common sources of damage, like fire, theft, wind, hail, vandalism, smoke, and more. But it also covers you.

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11 Reasons Home Insurance Rates Increase Every Year

If it seems like home insurance prices increase every year at renewal, you’re not imagining it. Insurance rates are adjusted on a regular basis to reflect the ever-changing risk landscape.

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Uninsured Areas Are Hit Hardest by Disasters

Natural disasters are getting worse each year, and that leaves the most vulnerable areas and homeowners exposed to the most damage.

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Why Granular Data Matters in Insurance

Most insurance companies were founded before the invention of color TV. That kind of tenure can be a double-edged sword: sure, the expertise is there, but what about a taste for change? The vision and desire to do things, well, better?

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How to Change Homeowners Insurance with an Escrow Account

If you pay for your homeowners insurance through an escrow account, you’re not alone.

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