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Avatar Insurance Review: A Look at the Data

This Avatar Insurance review takes a look at what customers say about the company. We'll also explore their NAIC complaints and average premium so you can make informed decisions when shopping for the best homeowners insurance in Florida

Avatar Insurance has less than one percent of the Florida market home insurance share and maintains an A, Exceptional, rating from Demotech. The company offers homeowners, condo, mobile home, and commercial insurance in Florida. The company states it aims to “treat our policyholders’ assets as if they were our own.”

Avatar Insurance Customer Reviews

Avatar Insurance has 782 reviews on Google and an average rating of 4.3 out of five stars. It's worth noting that not all reviews are from their customers, though. Agents who sell Avatar's policies also leave reviews about their experience working with the company. Customers also seem pleased with their speedy, professional service. 

One-star reviews cite poor claims experiences and cancelled policies after filing a claim. One general contractor notes working with the company was difficult when repairing wind damage for his clients. One customer was cancelled while the other was denied coverage for a storm that affected him and six of his neighbors that the contractor was working with. Another reviewer cited a water damage claim that was settled for far less than it cost to fix it. 

Avatar Insurance does seem to respond to negative complaints as of this writing. 

By contrast, Kin has more than 800 customer reviews on Trustpilot, averaging 4.8 stars out of five. Customers overwhelming cite our helpfulness and kindness as well as our low prices. If we receive critical feedback, we're quick to respond and help find a solution.

avatar customer review

Bottom line: The best insurance companies understand there's a lesson to be learned from both positive and negative feedback.

Avatar Insurance Complaint Score

Complaints filed with the Insurance Commissioner are recorded and monitored by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The NAIC maintains a Complaint Index that considers the number of complaints a company has based on its market share. This number is represented as a ratio. 

The median ratio is 1, meaning a company with a Complaint Index of 1 has the "normal" number of complaints for its size. If a company with an index of 2 has twice as many complaints. 

Avatar Insurance has the highest Complaint Index of all the Florida insurance companies we reviewed. They receive 11.5 times more complaints than expected based on their market share. While their complaints dropped from 254 in 2018 to 83 in 2019, it's safe to say there's still room for improvement.

By contrast, Kin's Complaint Index is 0, far below the median and most Florida insurance companies.

naic complaint index

Avatar Insurance Average Premium

Homeowners insurance in Florida costs more than almost any other state. Though you can't change the weather – or the hurricanes and floods that cause rates to spike – you can shop around for better prices. Even small savings add up.

For example, our average premium for a $300,000 newly built home is $1,354 a year. That's 13 percent cheaper than Avatar Insurance at $1,535 a year. 

Remember, average prices are just meant to give you a ballpark of what your coverage may cost. The only way to truly know what you'll pay for your policy is to get a quote. Your costs depend on where you live, the age and construction of your home, and more. You may save even more if you qualify for additional home safety discounts

Average Annual Premium Comparison

Value of Home

Kin Insurance

Avatar Insurance

$300k New Build $1,354 $1,535

Avatar Insurance Claims

Several Avatar Insurance reviews cited a less-than-stellar claims experience. Both customers and contractors noted dissatisfaction with the process, anger over post-claim cancelled policies, and disappointment with settlements that came up short. That frustration is understandable – most customers pay for insurance for years without ever filing a claim. It's reasonable to expect an insurer to have their back when they do finally need their coverage.

That's why we built our claims process around the needs of our customers. We use technology to quickly assess damage and settle claims. We also created the Managed Repair Network to pair claimants with local and licensed contractors. This ensures repairs are done professionally and at the discretion of the homeowner. 

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