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Security First Insurance Review: What the Consumer Data Says

This Security First Insurance review will explore customer reviews from third-party platforms and complaints from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The goal is to give an impression of the company's customer service – both where it shines and where it could use some work. It's part of our ongoing quest to help you compare the best insurance companies.

Security First Insurance is a Florida home insurer with 3.5 percent of the Florida homeowners insurance market share. They have an A rating from Demotech, Inc. and offer homeowners, renters, condo, and landlord insurance. Let's see what customers say about their service.

Security First Insurance vs. Kin on Customer Reviews

Security First Insurance maintains a 1.78 rating on Clearsurance, an independent third-party review site. Of their 55 total customer reviews, only 25 percent give an excellent rating. More than 41 percent rate the company as fair or poor. 

By and large the negative reviews cite poor customer service and significant rate increases after renewal. Several have even accused the company of the “bait and switch” tactic: luring in homeowners with extremely good prices and then raising rates considerably.

To Security First Insurance’s credit, they do respond to all negative reviews in an effort to find a solution.

Florida is a notoriously difficult state for homeowners insurance. Insurers have to find a balance between pricing the policy to keep the company solvent if a widespread disaster hits  and not pricing out homeowners. Most struggle with the latter.

Of our 734 customer reviews on Trustpilot, our average score is 4.8. An overwhelming 84 percent of reviewers rate us five stars. Reviews cite our knowledgable agents, professional conduct, and swift claims processing. Only 4 percent of Kin reviews were a one-star rating, proof that we work hard to set the right expectations when helping our customers. 

security first average customer review

Bottom line: Working with customers to set expectations of claims turnaround times, rates increases, and more can create a better, more transparent customer experience.

Security First Insurance Complaint Score

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) maintains a Complaint Index to help consumers understand how a company's complaints compare to the industry. Market share can dilute complaint metrics, so the NAIC derived a ratio to level the playing field. 

The NAIC uses an average median score of 1 as the baseline of what an insurance company should expect to have in terms of complaints based on its size and market share. When scores drop below 1, this means the company has fewer than expected complaints. Numbers above 1 suggest higher than expected complaints. 

While Security First doesn’t have a wide range of third-party reviews compared to Kin, it does have quite a few complaints with the NAIC. It has more than 10 times the median average. 

Kin's complaint score is 0.

NAIC complaint score security firstSecurity First Insurance vs. Kin on Average Price

Florida is one of the most expensive states for homeowners insurance with average home insurance costs of $1,951, according to NAIC data. And every year, prices steadily climb upward.

That said, some rates are much better than others. For example, our average premium for a newly built home in Florida valued at $300,000 is  $1,354. That's less than half Security First's average for the same home – $3,052.

Average Annual Premium Comparison

Value of Home Kin Insurance Security First Insurance
$300k New Build $1,354 $3,052

That said, home insurance average premiums give you an idea about price, but they're not a promise. The only way to know what you'll pay for coverage is to get a quote. Your costs may vary based on your exact location, your home's safety features, your claims history, and other factors. Plus, the discounts you're eligible for can also play a big role in your ultimate cost.

Security First Insurance Claims

Claims show whether an insurance company delivers on the promise of the policy. Many of Security First's reviews cite a delayed claims, which can be a major burden on homeowners trying to get back on their feet after an unexpected loss. 

A good claims experience often boils down to two things: setting expectations about what damage is and isn't covered by the policy and having a system in place to process claims quickly and accurately. 

We go to great lengths to ensure we do both.

We rely on technology like drone footage, virtual inspections, and aerial imagery to help us assess and process claims quickly and fairly. But we also know how stressful losses can be, so that's why personal service is a cornerstone of our process. We believe really listening is the best way to make sure our policyholders are heard and cared for.

We also connect customers with licensed, insured contractors through our Managed Repair Network to make sure their repairs get done fast and professionally.

If you are looking for the best home insurance company – one with great rates and knowledgeable, compassionate agents – give us a call. We’ll be happy to see if we can save you $500 or more on homeowners insurance, too. 

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