The Subscribers’ Advisory Committee

Our Subscribers’ Advisory Committee makes sure your voice is heard when you join Kin. Get details on what Kin’s SAC does for members.

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Our Subscribers' Advisory Committee (SAC) is a board of advisors that ensures our members have an active presence in all that we do. The SAC is tasked with listening to your feedback and using it to guide key decisions in our resources, our improvements, and our path forward.

The Subscribers’ Advisory Committee is in charge of:

  • Representing Kin policyholders’ interests and exercising subscriber rights under state law. 

  • Overseeing finances and operations of the reciprocal exchange.

  • Ensuring compliance with the Kin subscirber’s agreements and power of attorney.

  • Recommending independent auditors, procuring audits, and reviewing the results.

  • Offering guidance to Kin on how to address results if needed.

  • Adopting certain governance, election, voting, or other rules.

For a closer look at our subscriber’s agreements, please select one of the options listed below.

Why does Kin have a subscribers’ advisory committee?

When you buy a policy through Kin, you’re more than a policyholder. You’re an owner and a member. That’s part of what it means to be a reciprocal exchange. And as an owner, you should have a say in how we run the business. Kin’s SAC is your avenue for doing just that.

There are also some pretty cool benefits to joining a reciprocal exchange. A big one is the potential to earn dividends if we have fewer claims than expected. But perhaps the most important is that a reciprocal exchange can help keep premiums down – particularly as surplus contributions accumulate.

Don’t worry – being an owner doesn’t mean you have a lot of extra work to do. Both the Kin Interinsurance Network and the Kin Interinsurance Nexus Exchange are managed by separate entities called “attorneys-in-fact.”

The bottom line

We’re all about changing the way people get their insurance, and being a reciprocal exchange with a subscribers’ advisory committee is an important part of that.

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