The Kin Subscribers' Advisory Committee

How the Subscribers’ Advisory Committee Works

The Kin Subscribers’ Advisory Committee (SAC) ensures our policyholders have an active presence in all that we do. Think of this committee as your sounding board – they listen to your feedback to guide key decisions in our resources, our improvements, and our path forward.

The Subscribers’ Advisory Committee is in charge of:

  • Representing Kin policyholders’ interests and exercising subscriber rights under Florida law.
  • Overseeing finances and operations of the reciprocal exchange.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Kin Subscription Agreement and Power of Attorney.
  • Recommending independent auditors, procuring audits, and reviewing the results.
  • Offering guidance to Kin on how to address results if needed.
  • Adopting certain governance, election, voting, or other rules.

Meet Our Subscribers’ Advisory Committee Members

Andrew Boron was the Illinois Director of Insurance from January 2012 until January 2015. He served as vice president and counsel for ACE Group. In this role he served as primary liaison to the departments of insurance in nine states. From 2009 to 2010, he served as deputy chief of staff at the Illinois Toll Highway Authority. Boron also worked for CNA Financial from 2003 to 2008.

Russ Carpel is an experienced insurance executive who will be an initial subscriber of the Reciprocal. Russ is the CEO of LevelFunded Health, a national, tech-enabled commercial health insurance distribution platform focused on level and self-insured benefit programs for middle market employer groups nationwide. Russ also founded and served as the CEO of Forevercar, a successful, modern automobile warranty company.

Phillip Godin is an experienced lawyer who will be an initial subscriber of the Reciprocal. He has been a practicing attorney for 35 years, during which time he has been mainly involved with insurance matters. Early in his career he represented insurance companies and interpreted policy language and statutes related thereto. For the balance of his career he has represented individuals with claims against insurance companies and interpreted policies and statutes on their behalf.