Kin upgrades reinsurance program, emphasizing commitment to homeowners most impacted by climate change

Backed by more than 42 industry-leading reinsurers, the new program ensures a first-event loss at the 1-in-160 year probability is covered

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CHICAGO, IL – August 19, 2021 – Kin, the direct-to-consumer home insurance company built for every new normal, today announced its upgraded reinsurance program that offers greater disaster protection, proof of its financial strength and its commitment to serving catastrophe-exposed regions. Backed by more than 42 blue chip reinsurers, most with a financial rating of A- or higher by AM Best, Kin is dedicated to providing quality support and appropriately managing risks for homeowners who are most exposed to the mounting impact of climate change.

Whereas financial stability rating reinsurance requirements mandate that a 1 in every 130 year loss be covered, Kin's program offers 160 year first-event loss protection. The program also includes more than $300 million in reinsurance for hurricane events.

"The most important service we provide to our customers is covering their damages for the rarest and strongest events," said Angel Conlin, chief insurance officer at Kin. "Our robust reinsurance program ensures we can meet our obligations to our policyholders."

As the effects of climate change accelerate across the U.S., extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, are becoming stronger and more frequent, increasing the likelihood of insured damage. Taller reinsurance protection acts as a necessary safeguard for both insureds and the company.

Notably, Kin was able to reduce reinsurance costs as a percentage of premium while significantly reducing risk retention as a percent of premium. Despite growing premiums approximately 3x, first event retention remained at $5 million.

Conlin added: "Our main priority is to balance the cost and benefit of extreme event probabilities to best protect our policyholders."

Kin's upgraded reinsurance program applies to all states and policies within the Kin Interinsurance Network.

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