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Alabama sees more than its fair share of twisters every year ( 73 tornadoes in 2020 alone!), and that makes home insurance essential. But coverage might be even more important for mobile and manufactured homeowners. Mobile homes are much more susceptible to damage than site-built homes because they’re made of lightweight materials and have only a semi-permanent foundation.

Luckily, mobile home insurance can cover tornadoes, and the process of getting insured has never been easier. We can cover your mobile home whether it’s brand new or an older model – and usually for less than the competition. And our customer reviews and financial stability rating of A, Exceptional from Demotech, Inc. are proof that we’ll be around to take care of you if you have to file a claim.

Alabama Mobile Home Facts

Alabama has nearly 320,000 mobile homes that reside in over 822 different mobile home parks. That’s over 16 percent of the total housing units, which puts the Cotton State the fifth highest in the US for percentage of mobile homes. Moreover, Alabama had the fourth most manufactured housing shipments in 2019 with 4,546, according to US Census data.

One reason so many Alabamans may prefer manufactured homes over traditional ones is the price. The average cost for a mobile home in Alabama is $45 per square foot.

What Is Alabama Mobile Home Insurance?

Alabama mobile home insurance minimizes your out-of-pocket costs if you experience damage from a fire, burst pipe, theft, vandalism, and windstorm. Policies include coverage for:

  • Your dwelling.
  • Your belongings.
  • Other structures, such as a shed or fence.
  • Additional living expenses if you have to temporarily relocate.
  • Personal liability, in case some claims you harmed them.
  • Medical payments to cover a guest’s injuries.

Mobile home insurance isn’t mandated by law in Alabama, but mortgage companies typically require it. Most mobile home parks want residents to have a policy, too. However, even if you can pay for a manufactured home without a loan and plan to keep it on private property, you should consider buying a mobile home insurance policy to protect your investment.

We offer policies for new and older mobile homes with replacement cost coverage. This means your policy pays to repair or replace your property based on the current price for materials. Some insurance companies insure your mobile home for its actual cash value, so they only pay for the repairs based on a depreciated value. That leaves their policyholders with bigger bills if they have to file a claim.

Alabama Mobile Home Insurance Costs

The average cost for manufactured home insurance in Alabama is $129 per month, or $1,548 per year, according to insurance review site PolicyAdvice. However, premiums can vary dramatically because they’re based on several factors, including:

  • Your zip code.
  • The age of your mobile home.
  • The size of your mobile home.
  • The value of your belongings.

The only way to know what your mobile home insurance will cost you is to get a quote. When you call, be sure to let us know if you’ve added any safety features to your home that could earn you a discount. You can also ask about increasing the deductible because that can lower your premium.

Alabama Mobile Home Insurance Discounts

You may be able to save money on your manufactured home insurance in Alabama if:

  • You reside in a mobile park.
  • You have smart home protective devices, like a security alarm.
  • You are 50 years or older.
  • You’ve had no lapse in coverage for the past three years.
  • You have a clean claims history.
  • Your mobile home is your primary residence.
  • You elect for an electronic policy.

Applying for a quote is the best way to see if you qualify for any discounts on your Alabama mobile home insurance.

How Is Alabama Mobile Home Insurance Different from Homeowners Insurance?

The biggest difference between Alabama mobile home insurance, sometimes referred to as an HO7 policy, and traditional homeowners insurance lies in how insurance companies rate them. Because mobile homes are considered a higher risk than traditional homes built on a foundation, they often cost more to insure. Plus, manufactured homes in a park may have to meet specific insurance requirements that can further increase costs.

Despite these differences, mobile home insurance and the most common type of home coverage, the HO3 policy, have several similarities. Both policies protect homeowners’ finances against loss in certain events, like a windstorm or burst pipe. They’re also both written on an open-perils basis for actual home and other structures on the property. This means they cover all events except for those specifically listed in the policy.

Mobile Home vs. Manufactured Home vs. Modular Home

Understanding the difference between mobile, manufactured, and modular homes can help homeowners pick the right insurance. “Mobile” and “manufactured” are often used synonymously, but they technically have one key difference. Manufactured homes meet standards created by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Prior to 1976, pretty much any home that was built on a chassis and moved from the build site to the home site was called a mobile home. However, HUD stepped in and developed a federal building code to improve safety. The Housing Act of 1980 then mandated that homes built after 1976 that met the federal building code would be called “manufactured” homes in all legal documents.

While built to modern safety standards, manufactured homes are still prefabricated and built on a chassis. They really aren’t even assembled on site, but usually transported as one piece, positioned on the lot, and possibly tied down to a foundation for some security.

Modular homes are also prefabricated, but they’re moved in sections and constructed at the home’s location. The biggest difference, however, is that modular homes do not meet HUD’s building standards. Instead, they are built to state and local building codes.

How to Get an Alabama Manufactured Home Insurance Quote

Getting a quote for mobile home insurance is easy. We just need a little information about your mobile home, such as:

  • Your vehicle identification number (found on the data plate).
  • An estimate of your personal belongings’ value.
  • Your mobile home park’s insurance requirement.

Also be prepared to show proof of insurance and receipts for any safety features you’ve added so we can check for discounts. Quotes take just a couple of minutes and can be completed online or by giving us a call. We’re ready to help you save on your mobile home insurance.

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