Home Safety 101

Your home is more than just a house. It’s a stake in the future. It’s the place that shelters your family. It's your security.

But it takes some diligence to keep your home safe.

While you know to take care of urgent problems quickly – like a burst pipe – it may be tempting to let other issues skate by with a temporary fix. But trust us when we say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Fixing small problems immediately can prevent them from becoming much bigger problems down the road.

For example, if you have an outlet that stops working, it may be tempting to simply not use the outlet. But the outlet could be a sign of a bigger electrical problem that could later trigger a fire.

This home safety checklist can help you spot small issues with regular checks so you can ensure your home is in good health and working order. This effort may even pay off big time by preventing future claims.

As with most things in life, this checklist isn't 100 percent exhaustive. Please use common sense when inspecting your home and take appropriate safety precautions.

You can also download a copy of the home safety checklist here.

Fixing small problems immediately can prevent them from becoming bigger problems down the road.

Home Safety Checklist

6-Month Checklist
12-Month Checklist

Clean smoke detectors / change batteries



Check / test the furnace


Change furnace filter



Check / test the air conditioner


Check and clean dryer vent



Check / test water heater


Check your plumbing:



Check / test the water softener


a. Check all plumbing line connections for leaks



Check the home’s exterior:


b. Check seals around toilets



a. Check / repair all loose siding, fascia, soffits


c. Check under all sinks for leaks



b. Clean all gutters / downspouts


d. Check exterior faucets for leaks / drips



c. Check / repair all loose gutters / downspouts


e. Shut off water to exterior lines in the winter



d. Check roof for debris, loose / missing shingles


f. Check the sump pump



e. Check all roof vents


g. Check crawl space for moisture / leaks



f. Secure all loose roof items


Check all appliances in the home:



g. Check all exterior vents for blockage


a. Check the refrigerator for seals; check ice / water line


h. Check driveways / sidewalks for cracking or obstruction


b. Check the stove and all connections



i. Check foundation for cracking


c. Check the dishwasher and its water lines



j. Clear away debris from exterior A/C units


d. Check the washing machine and its hoses



k. Remove all dead trees, shrubs, plants


e. Check the dryer and the vent for blockage



l. Remove trees / branches that hang over the house and structures


f. Check the microwaves



m. Check / reseal all windows and doors


g. Check the trash compactor



n. Check fireplace


h. Check the hood vent



o. Check / clean fireplace flue, liner, and vents


Test security alarm



Check all fences, patios, rails, pools, and steps for safety


Test all electrical outlets; correct any issues





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