House & Property Insurance

This is a versatile homeowners policy that covers your home, attached structures, and belongings in a variety of situations.
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What Is House & Property Insurance?

The way we use our homes has changed a lot in recent years. Kin’s House & Property insurance is a new type of home insurance that we’ve designed to be incredibly customizable to fit the way you use your home.

If you rent your home often, the base policy can protect your home as a rental property. If your home is your primary residence, a single endorsement adds essential extra protection, like refrigerated food, personal liability, and medical payments coverage.

When you tell us how you use your home, we tailor the policy automatically to fit your needs. No guesswork required.

What Does House & Property Insurance Cover?

As noted above, House & Property insurance policy’s coverage varies based on the home’s occupancy. The base policy insures your:

  • Home, including fixtures such as solar panels and swimming pools.
  • Attached structures, including garages and fences.
  • Belongings inside your home, such as furniture, electronics,clothing, and more.
  • Additional living expenses or loss of rental income if a covered loss makes the home uninhabitable.

Our base House & Property policies also include:

  • Limited coverage for your trees, shrubs, and lawn
  • A range of deductible options so you can balance affordability and peace of mind.

Some coverages are added on automatically if you live in the home you’re insuring. When that’s the case, your House & Property policy also covers:

If you don’t live in the home you’re insuring, you can upgrade your House & Property policy to include liability, medical payments, and a variety of other coverages.

What’s Not Covered By House & Property Insurance?

House & Property insurance covers your home on an open perils basis. This means the structure of your home is insured for damage from any event except for those listed as exclusions in your policy. Read your policy carefully! Some common exclusions include:

  • Earth movement.
  • Governmental action.
  • Illegal, dishonest, or intentional acts.
  • Neglect.
  • Nuclear hazard.
  • Power failure.
  • War or military acts.

Who Is Eligible for House & Property Insurance?

Because our House & Property insurance is so flexible, it’s appropriate for people who:

  • Live in their homes most of the year and are the primary resident.
  • Rent out their entire homes for some or all of the year.
  • Rent out a portion of their homes.

Our House & Property insurance is designed for traditionally built and modular homes – although some unconventional homes like log homes and barndominiums may be eligible. Manufactured homeowners, however, should check out our mobile home insurance.

How to Customize Your House & Property Insurance Policy

You can further customize a House & Property policy with endorsements that modify your coverage by adding, removing, or otherwise changing your coverage. For example, you may be able to add various endorsements that:

  • Provide additional coverage for home computers.
  • Cover damage caused by water backup or sump pump overflow.
  • Insure your personal property for its replacement cost.
  • Add liability and medical payments coverage for non owner-occupied homes.
  • Cover golf carts and related liability.
  • Provide animal liability coverage.

This list represents only some of the optional coverages available for our House & Property insurance policy. Contact us to learn more.

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