Animal Liability Insurance

You might need insurance to cover you from damage or injury caused by your four-legged friends.

Homeowner's insurance policies can vary quite widely with regards to Animal Liability coverage. If your homeowners’ insurance policy provides Personal Liability coverage without Animal Liability excluded, then the protection of your Personal Liability is extended to your pets. Essentially, Personal Liability offers you protection from lawsuits for any property damage or injuries you may cause to another person. As mentioned, if your policy doesn’t exclude Animal Liability, such cover typically extends to injury or damage caused by your pets. For example, if your dog were to bite a stranger walking past your home, Animal Liability cover may pay for the legal costs and medical bills associated with such a claim, up to the limit mentioned on your policy.

However, if your home insurance has an Animal Liability exclusion then coverage for liability caused by your pet may not exist or may be restricted. In this case, you may need to consider purchasing a separate Animal Liability insurance policy. It’s worth doing your research with regards to Animal Liability as some insurance providers will only provide coverage if your dog is on your property, but not if it’s outside of your property.

Animal Liability typically does not cover damage to your property caused by your pet, impoundment costs if the law enforcement authority insist that your pet be impounded for a period or the administration of vaccinations if the impounding facility finds that your pet is not up to date with its vaccines.

Animal Liability typically only covers small animals which you own for personal use and not commercial use. Some insurance providers regard certain breeds of dogs as aggressive, resulting in an increased risk of incidents. As a result, the type of dog you own may result in an increased premium or possibly lead to your insurance application being refused. Failing to disclose your dog to an insurer could result in a claim being rejected, leaving you out of pocket for potentially large sums of money.

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