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This may be a surprise to you, but your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by flooding. Unfortunately, Louisiana is vulnerable to all kinds of flooding, not just the kind brought on by major hurricanes and tropical storms. The Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico, and the many rivers, streams, and bayous that make Louisiana unique also leave many residents vulnerable to floods and water damage.

Whatever the cause, flooding is a serious problem in Louisiana, and not just along the coast. In fact, about 20 to 25% of flood claims happen in areas considered low risk for floods.

Louisiana’s risk for floods makes flood insurance an important part of protecting your home. Coverage purchased through Kin* can cover water damage to your property, other structures, and personal belongings.

What is Louisiana flood insurance?

Flood insurance is exactly what it sounds like - a policy that helps you recover from water damage when it’s caused by a flood.

Commonly covered

  • Electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing systems

  • Appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers

  • Built-in bookcases, cabinets, and paneling

  • Foundation, walls, anchorage systems, and staircases attached to the structure

  • A detached garage

  • Personal property, like clothing, furniture, and electronic equipment that isn't stored in the basement, as well as valuables, like artwork and furs, up to $2,500 in value

  • Mudslides and floods caused by accumulated rainwater

Usually excluded 

  • Moisture or mold/mildew damage that the homeowner could've prevented

  • Outdoor property

  • Landscaping, patios, fences, decks, septic systems, and pools

  • Additional living expenses when a flood makes the home uninhabitable

  • Cars and other vehicles

  • Earthquakes and earth movements caused by floods

Two ways to get flood insurance in Louisiana

Lots of homeowners go through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to get flood coverage. This program was created by Congress  in 1968 to make sure property owners could financially protect themselves from flood damage. NFIP policies are available to homeowners, renters, condo owners, and business owners in communities that participate in the program.

Another option for homeowners is to get private flood insurance. For example, we can offer coverage that’s separate from the NFIP and comes as an insurance endorsement – or add-on to your standard Louisiana home insurance policy). This makes accessing flood insurance coverage easier and more affordable. You can obtain faster, broader coverage than you would with an NFIP policy.

The best way to see how much flood insurance might cost you is to get a quote. Give us a call at 855-717-0022 so we can discuss your coverage.

How much is flood insurance in Louisiana? 

Your Louisiana flood insurance premium is determined by several factors, including:

  • Your flood risk.

  • The type of coverage you purchased. (e.g., Did you get just building coverage or building and contents coverage?)

  • The deductible and amount of coverage you need.

  • The location, design, and age of your home.

  • The location of your home's contents.

Remember that overall homeowners insurance rates in Louisiana – which are inextricably tied to flood insurance rates – have always been high compared to other areas of the country. Now, Louisiana homeowners rate increases are becoming even more problematic for areas already with some of the nation's highest rates because of:

  • High reinsurance costs. 

  • Record-breaking hurricane seasons in 2020 and 2021.

  • Inflation's impact on repair costs.

Long story short? Flood insurance in Louisiana can be expensive. However, getting a flood endorsement is often a less expensive option than a standalone policy.

Do you have to have flood insurance in Louisiana?

Just one inch of water can cause up to $25,000 in damages to your home. - FEMA

Floods aren’t usually covered by home insurance. Unfortunately, it only takes a few inches of water to damage your home and its content. This makes flood insurance critical, especially if you live in a flood-prone area like much of Louisiana. You need additional protection from water damage associated with hurricanes, tropical storms, heavy rains, and other conditions that can cause flooding. 

And for some homes, flood insurance actually is required. For example, homes in high-risk flood areas with government-backed mortgages must have flood insurance. But even if you live outside of the high-risk area, your lender may still require you to have insurance.

To find out the flood risk for your home, you can visit FEMA's Flood Map Service Center to see the flood maps for your area. Keep in mind that FEMA's maps are considered by many to be out-of-date for a variety of reasons, and they are no longer the most significant factor in rating premiums. However, they are still used to determine which properties must have flood insurance.

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*In Louisiana, we offer coverage through Kin Interinsurance Network. Our producer is Kin Insurance Network Distributor (KIND), LLC, and our license number is 908208. In Louisiana, we are an excess and surplus producer

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