What Is a Centrally Monitored Alarm System?

Find out how to qualify for a security system insurance discount.

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What Is a Central Alarm System?

First, let’s establish that there are two alarm systems that qualify you for home insurance discounts:

  • A centrally monitored fire alarm
  • A centrally monitored burglar alarm

In order for a home’s alarm system to be considered centrally monitored, the system must be monitored off site.

Plenty of homes have local fire and smoke alarms. When activated, these set off a siren, strobe, or sound, but they don’t notify authorities. Local systems depend on someone being near enough to hear them to take action.

By contrast, a centrally monitored system is monitored by an alarm company around the clock. When activated, the company notifies authorities, whether that’s the police for burglary or the fire department for a fire.

For Kin, only centrally monitored fire and security alarms qualify for discounts. You must provide proof for each system (one for fire and one for burglary) to get both discounts.

Why Centrally Monitored Systems Qualify for Insurance Discounts

Centrally monitored alarm systems are more secure. If a company that monitors your system can respond quickly to a theft or fire, you might:

  • Incur less property damage from smoke or fire
  • Suffer fewer losses from theft

Whenever you take steps to make your home safer and reduce loss exposures, insurance companies typically reward you with lower premiums. After all, fewer or less severe claims are good for all parties involved.

How to Prove that You Have a Centrally Monitored Alarm System

Your monitoring company will typically issue you a certificate of alarm. Most even allow you to download the certificate from your customer portal online. This document states what type of alarm(s) you have and how the system is monitored.

To qualify for both fire and burglary alarm discounts from Kin, we require a certificate of alarm that states you have a security alarm that is monitored off site.

If you only have one centrally monitored system, that’s okay! Submit your certificate so we can get you a discount.

If you have questions about alarm discounts, feel free to give us a call at (855) 717-0022.

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