How do insurance premium refunds work?

We think everything about home insurance should be easy – including refunds.

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When you're owed a premium refund, there are a few ways we can send the funds to you. These mainly depend on how you paid your premium in the first place.

If your mortgage company escrows your home insurance and pays your insurance premium, then the refund goes directly to you via digital check email. You can then choose to:

  1. Have the check deposited directly to your bank account using your account and routing number.

  2. Print a refund check to deposit.

  3. Wait for a refund check in the mail (this usually takes 7 to 15 days). 

Note: To avoid any shortages or a dramatic increase in your mortgage payments for your next policy period, it’s smart to return the refunded amount to your escrow account.

If you paid for your policy with a credit or debit card, your insurance premium refund will usually be sent back to your card. However, if the most recent payment was more than 180 days ago or the refund amount is more than the most recent payment, your refund will be issued with a check.

In short, all insurance premium refunds go straight to you.  

Is the premium refunded in full?

In most cases, yes, any unused insurance premium will be refunded minus fees. For instance, the $2 EMPA fee for Florida residents is deducted before unused premiums are refunded to Florida homeowners. We’re required to submit that $2 fee to the state in all situations except when the policy is canceled because a closing fell through. 

Learn more about the EMPA fee.

How long do insurance premium refunds take?

It depends how you're getting your refund. Refund checks can take 7 to 15 days to receive by mail, but you can receive them faster by opting for direct deposit or to print your check. 

If your insurance refund is being sent back to your card, it’s usually 3 days for debit cards and 7 days for credit cards.

We initiate an insurance premium refund within 15 days of the refund request date.

If you have any questions about the status of your refund, feel free to reach our customer support team at 855-216-7674 or


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