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Protect your Florida condo with affordable HO6 insurance.

The Naples Pier is a symbol of what folks most love about Naples, Florida: an oceanside lifestyle. Those who are lucky enough to live in this historic waterfront town enjoy miles of sugar-white beaches, challenging golf courses, and world-class shopping on 5th Avenue South. There’s truly something here for everyone – it’s the perfect surf ‘n turf mix!

Its proximity to the water makes Naples a perfect home for beachgoers, but it also gives residents front-row seats to dangerous tropical storms. That can also make shopping for affordable Florida condo insurance a chore, especially as national carriers leave the Florida market. 

We’re here to make that easy. Let’s take a closer look at what condo insurance costs, what it covers, and tips for protecting your home.

What does condo insurance in Naples cost?

One of the difficult things about buying Florida condo insurance is the cost. Premiums, on average, nearly double the national average, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). That’s because the state has been hit hard by climate change, hurricanes, and reinsurance.

We’re built to keep prices low – and we do that by using technology to evaluate tons of insurance data. Analyzing more publicly available information, we’re able to offer prices that reflect your condo’s particular risks. 

Take, for example, our average annual premiums for condos based on the number of stories in the building.  Low-rise buildings tend to be less expensive to insure because they typically withstand hurricane winds better.

Kin premiums, low-rise vs. high-rise

Structure Average premium
Low-rise building $1,401
High-rise building  $2,110

All our policies are customized to meet your needs for the best possible price. Premiums are based on your condo’s location, age, safety features, construction, and more. The best way to find out how much your condo insurance will cost is to get a quote. It’s fast, accurate, and doesn’t impact your credit score.

What Naples condo insurance covers

Condo insurance is an HO6 policy. That means it works with your homeowners association’s master policy. Many condo owners mistakenly think the master policy covers everything – it doesn’t. It has some significant gaps that your own condo insurance fills.

The master policy can cover common areas and the exterior to the walls of your condo building. It doesn’t cover the inside of your condo or your belongings. That’s a job for your policy.

Even if something is covered by the master policy, you’ll usually have to help cover the deductible. That’s called a loss assessment, and it’s an expense your HO6 policy can help cover.

Our condo insurance includes:

Condo coverage for Naples natural disasters

Condo insurance covers many forms of damage to your home, including fire, vandalism, theft, and windstorms. But Naples has some serious natural disasters to content with, too. Let’s see how your policy can respond to major events.

Naples hurricane coverage

You don’t have to go back many years to remember how much damage a hurricane can do to the Naples community. Hurricane Irma directly impacted the city in 2017, causing millions in damages. Our condo policies automatically include hurricane insurance to help homeowners rebuild and repair after a named storm.

Naples flood insurance

It only takes one strong rainfall to cause flooding in the low-lying areas of Naples. More significant flooding occurs when a serious storm drenches the city. Damage from either of these events is not covered unless you have flood insurance.

Most think that the only option for flood insurance is the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). But you can save more and get more coverage with our flood insurance endorsement. Just add it to your condo policy for as little as $175 a year.

Naples Sinkhole Coverage

Naples has high concentrations of limestone deposits, which are a precursor to sinkholes. As the limestone-heavy ground becomes saturated, the limestone can erode and cause the ground to collapse. These sinkholes cause big structural damage to walls, ceilings, and foundations.

Every Kin policy offers coverage for catastrophic ground cover collapse at no additional charge. This protects you against worst-case sinkhole events.

How to keep condo insurance affordable

A quick way to save on your coverage? Take advantage of our easy condo insurance discounts. We reward homeowners by offering credits for:

You can also save by adjusting your deductible. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the deductible amount – it will be the portion you’re responsible for when you file a claim.

Ready to see how much you’ll save on your Naples condo insurance? Apply for a quote today!

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