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Finding Condo Insurance in Florida 

If you own a condo in Florida, you need condo insurance (HO6 insurance) to fill the gaps the homeowners association policy won’t cover. Good news for condo owners in the Sunshine State: it’s super easy to get condo insurance from Kin. We cover all types of condos – even those you own and rent out on home-share sites like Airbnb. 

We cover condo owners of all walks, including those who:

  • Live in a townhouse, rowhouse, or high rise.
  • Use the condo as the primary residence, seasonal residence, or for short-term renting.
  • Have a condo owned by an LLC or trust.

Because condo insurance doesn’t have to cover the entire structure of your place, it’s surprisingly affordable. Our coverage often starts as low as $400 a year.

Florida Condo Insurance Discounts

To help you save even more on your condo insurance in Florida, we’ll check to see if you qualify for discounts for:

  • Strong wind mitigation features
  • Smart home security systems
  • Being a mature condo owner
  • Choosing the Responsible Repair discount (i.e., agreeing to not sign away your claims benefits to a third party)
  • Signing up for an electronic policy (save some trees!)

We can also recommend the deductibles that make sense for your budget. Typically, choosing slightly higher deductibles can reduce your condo insurance premium.

What Does Florida Condo Insurance Cover?

Your homeowners association has a “master” insurance policy to cover your building’s exterior and damage and accidents in common areas. But that policy doesn’t cover anything inside your unit. You need condo insurance for that.

Condo insurance covers your home from the walls in. That includes: 

  • The interior of your dwelling. This can help pay to repair or replace damaged ceilings, floors, additions, and more.
  • Your personal property. This is where your policy really shines! It protects your furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, decor, furnishings, and more.
  • Loss of use. If a covered claim forces you to temporarily relocate, this can help pay for dining out, hotel stays, and more.
  • Personal liability. If someone is hurt in your home and they sue, your policy can help cover legal expenses.
  • Medical payments. This can help cover immediate medical expenses for guests who have a small injury in your home.

Our Florida condo insurance covers damage from all incidents except those explicitly excluded in your policy. So if the inside of your condo is damaged by fire, theft, vandalism, storm winds, or hail, you’re typically covered. 

Standard policies usually don’t cover damage from:

  • Earthquakes and mudslides.
  • Flood damage (though you can always add on flood coverage).
  • Demolition or seizure by the government.

Is Loss Assessment Coverage Included in Florida Condo Insurance?

All our condo insurance policies include $2,000 in loss assessment coverage. This can help pay for your HOA’s assessments for shared losses. This coverage can step in when those losses are caused by incidents your condo policy covers. It can potentially help you save thousands of dollars that would otherwise come out of your pocket.

You can always add on more loss assessment protection, too.


What Condo Insurance Covers

What Condo Insurance Doesn’t Cover


Unit’s interior from the walls in
Personal property
Loss of use
Personal liability
Guest medical payments

Building's exterior
Other structures
Common areas

Perils All of them except for those excluded Earthquakes
Demolition to bring the home up to code
Seizure or demolition by the government
People Condo unit owners Condo building owners


Single-family detached homes
Mobile homes


Primary residence
Secondary residence 
Short-term rental

Vacant year round

How Much Florida Condo Insurance Do I Need?

We can help you figure out how much condo insurance makes sense for your needs. There’s no “right” answer here – your coverage needs vary based on your lifestyle and the kind of belongings you have. 

For example, if you have a condo full of antiques and high-value art, it might make sense for you to have more personal property coverage than general guidelines tend to recommend. 

That said, the chart below illustrates some general suggestions for choosing your coverage limits.

Common Florida Condo Coverage Limits

Type of Coverage

Typical Limits

Dwelling Up to the replacement cost of the interior (we calculate this for you)
Personal property 20% to 50% of the coverage you have for your dwelling
Loss of use 20% of the coverage you have for your dwelling
Personal liability $100,000 
Medical payments $1,000
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Florida Condo Insurance Quotes Online

Our tech makes it easy to get fast condo insurance quotes. Just type in your address, confirm a few details, and you’ll get a customized quote in minutes.  

In some cases, we may need a few additional documents to create your quote:

  • The building’s wind mitigation inspection.
  • Your homeowner association’s bylaws (so we can fill the coverage gaps). 

Don’t pay more for condo insurance in Florida. Get a quick quote and peace of mind today.

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