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What Is Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance (HO6 insurance) is the policy that covers your unit’s interior from the walls in, your personal property, and more. Unlike single-family homeowners who must insure their home’s entire structure, you’re only responsible for insuring the interior. Your condo association’s master insurance policy covers your condo unit’s exterior and common areas. 

That’s why you’ll sometimes hear condo insurance referred to as “walls in” or “paint-in” coverage. It’s designed to complement the master policy’s coverage. 

So while the master policy primarily covers the condominium’s structure – including the exterior, roofing, framing, wiring, piping, insulation, and the drywall – your condo policy covers your unit’s:

  • Interior walls, ceiling, and floor coverings.
  • Improvements or upgrades.

It also offers essential protection beyond your unit’s interior.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

A standard condo insurance policy – no frills – covers:

  • The interior of your dwelling. This can help pay to repair or replace damaged ceilings, floors, additions, and more.
  • Your personal property. This is where your policy really shines! It protects your furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, decor, furnishings, and more.
  • Loss of use. This part of your policy saves the day when a covered claim forces you to temporarily relocate. It can help pay for dining out, hotel stays, and more.
  • Personal liability. If you’re sued over an injury that happened in your unit, this part of your policy can cover legal expenses.
  • Medical payments. If a guest has a small injury in your unit, this can help cover their immediate medical expenses.

What Perils Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Kin condo insurance covers all perils for the dwelling except for those explicitly excluded in the policy. In other words, we cover a lot of incidents, including fire, theft, vandalism, storms, hurricane wind, and more. 

Our standard policies don’t cover:

  • Earthquakes and mudslides.
  • Flood damage (but you can add on flood coverage easily and affordably).
  • Demolition of the home to bring it up to code.
  • Seizure or demolition by the government.

Available Endorsements

Just like a homeowners insurance policy, you can easily add coverage to your condo insurance. These endorsements are usually pretty popular:

  • Additional loss assessment coverage. While our condo policies automatically include $2,000 in loss assessment coverage, folks like to have a little extra. This helps pay for your portion of a shared loss – called a special assessment – that exceeds the condo association’s emergency funds. 
  • Flood insurance. We’re one of the few insurance companies that offers private flood insurance as an endorsement, which means you don’t have to manage a separate policy, premium, or deductible to protect your home from flood damage.
  • Animal liability insurance. This extends your personal liability coverage to cover damage your fluffy friends may cause. So if your dear bumbling Pomeranian accidentally trips your neighbor, this can help pay for their injury.

What Condo Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Aside from the types of damage a standard condo insurance policy doesn’t cover (earthquakes, floods, demolition, etc.), condo insurance doesn’t cover:

  • Other structures. Your HOA’s master policy will cover shared structures like fences.
  • The entire building. Again, the master policy is responsible for the building’s exterior. 


What Condo Insurance Covers

What Condo Insurance Doesn’t Cover


Unit’s interior from the walls in
Personal property
Personal liability
Guest medical payments

Other structures
Common areas

Perils All of them except for those explicitly excluded Earthquakes
Demolition to bring the home up to code
Seizure or demolition by the government
People Condo unit owners Condo building owners


Single-family detached homes
Mobile homes

Your condo association’s bylaws outline how insurance responsibilities are divided, and it impacts how much coverage you may need for your dwelling. Let’s take a look. 

What Your Condo Association’s Master Insurance Policy Covers

Your HOA fees help pay for a master insurance policy that covers your building’s exterior. It essentially splits the dwelling insurance burden with you, which is why your dwelling limits are much lower than what you paid for your unit.

There are three types of condo master insurance policies:

  • Bare walls coverage. This is a bare bones master policy. It only covers the building (its exterior, roofing, framing, wiring, insulation, and drywall) and common areas.
  • Single entity coverage. This covers everything a bare walls policy does, but it also covers built-in fixtures in individual units.
  • All-in coverage. Of the three policies, this one offers the most protection. It covers the structure, common areas, built-in fixtures, plus individual unit additions and improvements. 

How Much Does Condo Insurance Cost?

The best way to see how much condo insurance costs is to get a quote from us. Your costs will vary based on your location, your condo’s safety features, the construction of the building, and more. Condo insurance costs start as low as $400 a year in Florida. 

Condo Insurance Discounts

You might save even more on your condo coverage through our discounts. We offer premium credits for: 

  • Strong wind mitigation features
  • Smart home security systems
  • Mature condo owners
  • Opting for Responsible Repair (i.e., agreeing to not sign away your claims benefits to a third party)
  • Signing up for an electronic policy (let’s save some paper, yeah?)

How Much Condo Insurance Do I Need?

Because your policy primarily has to cover the things inside your condo, it’s important to choose your personal property limits wisely. Consider this a general guide for choosing the appropriate limits.

Choosing Your Condo Coverage Limits

Type of Coverage

Standard Limits

Dwelling Up to the replacement cost of the interior (we calculate this for you)
Personal property 20% to 50% of the coverage you have for your dwelling
Loss of use 20% of the coverage you have for your dwelling
Personal liability $100,000 
Medical payments $1,000

Is Kin’s Condo Insurance Right for You?

If you own a condo, you need condo insurance. It’s the only policy that is designed to work with your condo association’s master insurance policy. 

For Kin in particular, we can offer you condo coverage if:

  • You own a townhouse, rowhouse, or unit in a high rise.
  • Your condo is used as your primary residence, seasonal residence, or you rent it on home-share sites like Airbnb.
  • The condo is owned by an LLC or trust.

What’s the Difference between Condo Insurance and Homeowners Insurance? 

Unlike homeowners insurance, which must cover the entire structure of the home inside and out, condo insurance only needs to cover the interior of the home because it has help from the HOA’s master policy.

That usually means condo insurance is much less expensive than homeowners insurance. 

Condo insurance and homeowners insurance also differ on personal liability. As a condo owner, your personal liability exposure may be much less than a homeowner who has to worry about visitor injuries anywhere on their property: their driveway, backyard, porch, etc. A guest injury that happens in your condominium’s shared areas may end up being the HOA’s responsibility. 

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How to Get Condo Insurance Quotes Online

We’re excited to make getting condo insurance quotes easy. Just type in your address for a condo quote in seconds.

In some cases, we might need two documents to quote your home:

  • The building’s wind mitigation inspection.
  • Your condo association’s bylaws (it will let us know your insurance obligations so we can properly insure your unit). 

Let’s save you some money on your condo insurance. Get a quote online today.

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