Supplemental claims for Hurricanes Ian & Nicole

Florida homeowners who discover they have more damage than they originally thought may still be able to have their damage covered – even if they find the damage after they’ve filed a claim.

Read on to learn more about supplements and supplementals claims in the wake of Hurricanes Ian and Nicole.

What is a supplement?

A supplement could be any of the following:

  • Additional damages related to your claim that were not found on the original inspection.
  • Additional damages related to your claim that were first found during the repairs.
  • Additional items related to your claim that are needed to repair your home to its pre-loss condition and meet Florida building code.

What does Florida law say about supplements?

In Florida, a supplemental claim typically describes one of two things:

  • A claim for additional loss or damage caused by the same peril that the insurer has already adjusted.
  • An open claim where you, the insured, have given us, your insurer, timely notice and the incurred costs while making repairs or rebuilding your home.

You can read the definition of supplemental claim in the state statute.

What should I do if I find additional damage related to my claim?

Take pictures of all of the damages and the surrounding areas. If you have one, ask your contractor to write an updated estimate for repairs. Then send the documents and photos supporting your claim using our form. Please include your claim number.

What should I do if my contractor says there are additional repairs needed?

The answer to this is pretty much the same as if you find additional damage. In addition to photos of the damage and the surrounding area, ask your contractor for documentation. For example, this documentation could include:

  • An itemized estimate.
  • Additional photos.
  • Building code documentation.

Contact your adjuster as soon as possible and provide this information and your contactor's contact information. You can do this by submitting our form. Your adjuster will advise if additional items are needed from you or your contractor, or if a reinspection is necessary of the needed repairs to process your supplemental claim.

How long does it take my adjuster to review the supplement?

Your adjuster should review the documentation in a timely manner and advise if additional items are needed. Generally that review can take 10-14 days depending on the complexity of the supplement.

What is the adjuster looking for?

Your adjuster will review our original photos and the supplemental documentation and photos to determine if we need to inspect the supplemental damages.

Please note, there are certain endorsements and policy language that may create limitations on coverage. Our policies typically allow for repairs and materials of the same like, kind, and quality items. For example, you are usually responsible for the costs of any upgrades or improvements.

Why is my contractor telling me that Kin’s estimate is too low?

We use an industry standard price list that is updated every month based on your zip code. Our pricing is fair and reasonable based on the complexity of the work required.

If your contractor has concerns about pricing, please forward your contractor’s estimate for repairs and reach out to your adjuster. Please let your adjuster know if they have permission to speak with your contractor directly. Your adjuster will review the estimates and try to come to an agreement.


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