How to Afford Fire Insurance in California

For the last three wildfire seasons (2018, 2019, and 2020), Californians have seen extremely high wildfire activity.

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Brush Removal for Fire Prevention: 3 Options

Now that you know defensible space around your home can minimize the potential for wildfire damage, it’s time to tackle one important part of defensible space: brush removal.

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The California Homeowner’s Guide to Defensible Space

If you live in California, chances are good that you’ve heard the term “defensible space” in the last few years.

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Wildfire Season Is Year-Round

“We don’t even call it a season anymore. There’s no such thing as a fire season,” Scott McLean, Cal Fire's Deputy Chief of Communications, said in an interview with Yahoo News. “Right now, we’re looking at a fire year. We’re having fires every month of the year.”

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California Homeowners: It’s Time for Better Insurance

In recent years, the California insurance market has changed drastically in response to the state’s severe wildfires. And climate change is only making the problem worse.

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California Wildfire Statistics

California wildfire season is the hottest and driest part of the year: May through October. Though climate change has altered wildfire season as we know it, homeowners should be extra vigilant during warmer months. Wildfires are only getting more frequent and severe.

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Fire Tornadoes: Everything You Need to Know

As if the pandemic, hurricanes, and wildfires weren’t enough, 2020 seems to have yet another horror up its sleeve: the fire tornado.

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A Brief History of Wildfires & Wildfire Insurance

Given last fall’s wildfire season in California and the current disastrous fires sweeping through Australia, we figured it was a good time to offer some insight on how wildfires affect homeowners insurance.

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Fire Prevention Tips for All Homeowners

You don’t have to live in California to find yourself in the path of a wildfire. These disasters can and do spread across most western states.

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