Georgia, Your Home Insurance Just Got a Little More Convenient

Mon Oct 1 2018

Kin is proud to serve homeowners in the Peach State.

Here at Kin, we’re on a quest to offer better insurance to every homeowner in the United States. And we’re thrilled to announce that Georgia is now on the list of states where our coverage is available.

Why? Georgia’s great, as you probably know. I mean, you’ve got peaches, which are nice, but let’s not forget the North Georgia mountains. And red dirt? That’s just cool. Oh, and being the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr., Amy Grant, Michael Stipe, and Ty Cobb doesn’t hurt, either.

And now the state really has it all, because as of today Georgia residents have a better way to buy homeowners insurance.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s slow down and offer a more formal introduction.

Hi, Georgia. We’re Kin Insurance.

We’re a company dedicated to simplifying home insurance and making homes safer for Georgia homeowners.


We make home insurance simpler by using thousands of publicly available data points to guide us. All you have to do is enter your address and our system pulls up a customized insurance quote for your home.

Can these “customized quotes” save me money?

In many cases, yes. Old-school insurance pricing relies on averages of aggregated information. And old-school insurance companies usually offer the same one-size-fits-all policy. When you apply through Kin, we look at everything from the age of your roof to whether you’ve got a pool and, if so, what type of fence you have around it. We look at when your electrical and plumbing systems were last updated. And then, based on all that information, we not only offer a customized price but also suggest a policy that offers exactly the coverage you need.

Is there anything Kin’s home insurance won’t cover?

Yes. Like all standard homeowners insurance policies, ours exclude protection for flooding, earthquakes, wear and tear, and mold. If you think you need coverage for any of those things, be sure to mention it to your Kin agent. We’re happy to help you figure out where to find coverage that can fill the gaps.

You said something about making homes safer for Georgia homeowners. What’s that all about?

Glad you asked. Our philosophy is that safer homes are in everyone’s best interest: yours, ours, your neighbors’, etc. So we try to do what we can to not only provide insurance for your home but also make that home as sturdy and secure as we can. For example, if we discover that your roof is a little older than what we consider ideal, we’ll connect you with people who can help you update it in such a way that it offers better protection and helps reduce your insurance premiums.

This all sounds great – but I already have insurance.

That’s fine! Your best bet in this case is to enter your address and see whether Kin can offer a policy that would save you a significant amount of money. Again, the process takes just a few minutes, so you should know pretty quickly whether it’s worth switching coverage, either right now or when your policy is set to renew. If you do want to switch coverage now, we can talk you through that process.

You’re making this sound very easy.

That’s the idea. We think buying home insurance should be easy. And our customers seem to think we’re doing a good job – check out our customer reviews.

What else should I know?

You may also want to read about how we handled Hurricane Irma last year, which affected a lot of our customers. By checking in via text message, we were able to get a sense of who needed help. And because customers could text us pictures of damage, we were able to start the claims process quickly.

So if I wanted to see whether you could cover me, what would I do?

Just enter your address in our application. We’ll put together a customized quote for you. If you’re in our underwriting sweet spot, you may even be able to buy the policy without talking to anyone. But our agents are always on hand to answer questions and help make sure you’re getting the coverage you want and need.

Can I come talk to your agents in person?

You could – but they’re all based at our Chicago headquarters. One of the ways we save you money is by not paying to maintain branch locations all around the country. So if you’re up for a trip, come on over! If not, they’re available by phone.

Seriously: if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 855-717-0022 or