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11.21.18: Kin Insurance's Sean Harper Shares Insights on the Biggest Opportunities for Homeowners Insurance

American Association of Insurance Services picks Sean Harper's brain on why helping homeowners prevent damage is just good business.

11.15.18: How to Be a 24/7 Company Without Burning Out Your Employees

Sean Harper discusses in Inc. how we serve customers around the clock without sacrificing the wellbeing of our employees.

10.24.18: Home Insurtech Kin Has Ambitious Growth Plans

Digital Insurance gives the scoop on our growth plans for the next year.

10.18.18: How to Win with Transparency

Sean Harper explains in Forbes why being upfront with customers and employees is just good business.

10.15.18: Kin Makes the InsurTech 100 Global List

Kin Insurance was one of the 39 US tech companies and 30 UK-based companies named on the InsurTech 100 global list of innovative companies by research firm FinTech Global.

10.4.18: Profiles Kin

Clark offers a consumer-focused take on what we do.

10.2.18: Chicago Insurtech Startup Expands to Georgia for Tailored Insurance Quotes

Atlanta Inno talks to our cofounder Lucas Ward and details Kin's expansion to the Peach State.

10.1.18: 12 Late-Stage Interview Faux Pas That Could Cost You The Job

Sean Harper weighs in on how to ace that interview for Forbes.

9.26.18: Are You Adequately Insured? Here Are 16 Items Not Covered by Home Insurance

Sean Harper offers some insight into why home insurance doesn't cover wear and tear for House Method.

9.24.18: Profiles in Risk

Nick Lamparelli of Insurance Nerds talks to our CEO Sean Harper about meaningful problem solving in the insurtech space.

9.19.18: How Data Allows You to Create Tailor-Made Customer Experiences

In Forbes, Sean Harper details how entrepreneurs can use data to create experiences that delight customers.

9.10.18: Low Team Morale? 11 Ways to Get Your Staff Back on Track

Sean Harper offers some insight to fellow entrepreneurs on how to keep employees motivated and engaged.

8.31.18: Dangerous Misconceptions People Have about Flood Insurance

We set the record straight on flood insurance for CheatSheet.

8.29.18: How Solving Real Problems Is a Competitive Advantage in Today's World

Sean Harper tell Forbes why everyone deserves convenience – not just those who can afford it.

8.23.18: Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast

Our cofounder and head of product Sebastian Villarreal explains what simple homeowners insurance looks like in practice.

8.21.18: When It Comes to User Experience… The Customer Is Always Right

Our CEO Sean Harper explains in Insurance Nerds why we take our UX cues from our customers. 

8.3.18: The First Startup to Do Insurance the Right Way

Kin cofounder Sean Harper talks to Technori's Scott Kitun about how we're making better home insurance.

7.21.18: 15 Must-Reads Small Business Owners Can Choose from This Summer

Yes, we still make time to read. See what Sean Harper recommends in Small Business Trends.

7.18.18: Reminder: Capitalism Is Supposed to Benefit Customers

Sean Harper explains in Forbes how a lesson from his high school economics teacher shaped his perspective on how business should work.

7.16.18: Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Sean Harper from Kin

GeekEstateBlog interviews Sean Harper about solving problems for homeowners and his passion for sustainability.

6.14.18: Let the Person With the Most Information Make the Decision

Sean Harper details for Inc. why the person closest to the problem should be the one to propose a solution.

5.18.18: How to Successfully Identify Problems Worth Solving

Kin CEO Sean Harper details in Forbes how entrepreneurs can create a business that actually solves problems.

5.5.18: Insurance Startup Kin Raises $13 million, Crain’s Chicago

Crain’s Chicago details Kin's latest round of funding and our plans for national expansion.

3.6.18: Kin's $13M Round Will Fuel National Expansion

Built In Chicago offers a glimpse at Kin's plans for national expansion.

3.4.18: Why We Don’t Try to Engage Our Customers

Sean Harper in Inc. on why engaging customers doesn't necessarily lead to customer satisfaction or loyalty.

2.13.18: Why the Real Magic Is in the Unsexy with Cofounder & CEO of Kin Sean Harper

Sean Harper talks with The Unsexy Startup about how real growth comes from the grunt work and the heavy lifting.

2.9.18: Meet Allstate's Newest Challengers

Crain’s Chicago details how Kin is using the internet, Big Data, and the cloud to disrupt a very old industry.

2.5.18: Chicago Tech Can Grow if Small Thinking Gets Dumped

Technori interviews Kin CEO Sean Harper on building a startup designed to solve problems on a national scale. 

1.30.18: How New Entrepreneurs Can Tackle a Behemoth Industry with Few Resources

Sean Harper gives entrepreneurs three tips for success in Forbes.

1.16.18: Bootstrapping in America

TastyTrade interviews Kin cofounders Lucas Ward and Sean Harper about how Kin makes a measurable difference in homeowners' lives.

1.8.18: Portfolio Company Spotlight: Kin

Tandon Group profiles Kin Insurance and how we are on the way to "revolutionizing the entire industry." 

1.1.18: Startups to Watch

Kin graces Built In Chicago's 50 Startups to Watch in 2018 list.

11.1.17: Chicago’s Insure-Tech Boom Could Shift an Age-Old Industry

Though Chicago is home to powerful insurance companies, Chicago Inno details how new companies like Kin are reshaping what insurance can do.

8.23.17: 5 Chicago Tech Companies Redefining the Insurance Industry

Built in Chicago profiles Kin and names it among 5 Chicago tech companies that are shaking up the insurance industry.

8.7.17: Sean Harper from Kin: Simplifying Homeowners Insurance

WGN Radio interviews Kin cofounder Sean Harper about the company's origin and we use our expertise in insurance, technology and finance to make insurance affordable and accessible.

8.1.17: Kin Raises $4M to Bring Homeowners Insurance to the Digital Age

Built in Chicago details Kin's official launch.

8.1.17: With $4 Million in Funding, Kin Wants to Change How Homeowners Get Insured

TechCrunch reports on Kin's launch and how we use data to do a better job of risk assessment.

7.27.17: Why We Invested: Kin Insurance

Omidyar Network details why it chose to back Kin Insurance.

7.24.17: Insurance-Tech Startup Dollars Leap

The Wall Street Journal reports on Kin and fellow insurtech startups.

4.24.17: Why a Team of Local Fintech Veterans Is Taking on the $100B Homeowners Insurance Market

Built in Chicago reports on how Kin got its start.

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