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9.19.19: Forbes: May the Best Ideas Win

8.27.19: Forbes: Ethical Sharks: The Secret To Building A Sales Powerhouse

7.12.19: Forbes: 14 Things To Do If It Looks Like An Employee Has Reached Their Limits

6.20.19: Entrepreneur: Could You, Should You, Would You: Questions for Hiring Corporate Misfits

6.7.19: Built in Chicago: Trending tactics: What 9 Chicago tech companies do to stay inventive

5.30.19: Forbes: In Hyper-Growth Mode? How To Get The Most From Your Teams

5.20.19: Forbes: Why Cross-Functional Teams Solve Problems Best

5.7.19: Forbes: The Limits Of Being Awesome In A Highly Regulated Industry

4.17.19: Chicago Inno: How Will Chicago’s New Mayor Lori Lightfoot Approach Tech?

4.11.19: Clutch: Nearly 90% of People Prefer Speaking to a Live Customer Service Agent on the Phone

3.26.19: Imagineer: On the Move: Some entrepreneurs are leaving the coasts to be part of the "Rise of the Rest"

1.25.19: Forbes: Eliminating The Hidden Costs Of 'Saving' On Customer Support

1.17.19: Midwest Startups: It’s Time for Home Insurance to Join the 21st Century

1.8.19: PropertyCasualty360: Insurers: Don't wait for something bad to happen to show up

1.4.19: Stacking Benjamins: Our 2019 Magic Eight Ball Predictions

12.20.18: Apartment Therapy: These 7 Easily Forgotten Home Maintenance Tasks Could Save You $1,000s

12.17.18: MoneyTips: 8 Quick Fixes for a Safer Home This Holiday Season

12.10.19: PropertyCasualty360: Five Technologies Changing Claims

11.29.18: VentureBeat: 5 startup trends that shaped the Midwest in 2018

11.21.18: Insurance Thought Leadership: Here Is How to Make Flood Insurance Work

11.21.18: American Association of Insurance Services: Kin Insurance's Sean Harper Shares Insights on the Biggest Opportunities for Homeowners Insurance

11.15.18: Inc.: How to Be a 24/7 Company Without Burning Out Your Employees

10.24.18: Digital Insurance: Home Insurtech Kin Has Ambitious Growth Plans

10.18.18: Forbes: How to Win with Transparency

10.4.18: Profiles Kin

10.1.18: Forbes: 12 Late-Stage Interview Faux Pas That Could Cost You The Job

9.26.18: House Method: Are You Adequately Insured? Here Are 16 Items Not Covered by Home Insurance

9.24.18: Insurance Nerds: Profiles in Risk

9.19.18: Forbes: How Data Allows You to Create Tailor-Made Customer Experiences

9.10.18: Influencive: Low Team Morale? 11 Ways to Get Your Staff Back on Track

8.31.18: CheatSheet: Dangerous Misconceptions People Have about Flood Insurance

8.29.18: Forbes: How Solving Real Problems Is a Competitive Advantage in Today's World

8.23.18: Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast

8.21.18: Insurance Nerds: When It Comes to User Experience… The Customer Is Always Right

7.21.18: Small Business Trends: 15 Must-Reads Small Business Owners Can Choose from This Summer

7.18.18: Forbes: Reminder: Capitalism Is Supposed to Benefit Customers

7.16.18: GeekEstateBlog: Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Sean Harper from Kin

6.14.18: Inc.: Let the Person With the Most Information Make the Decision

5.18.18: Forbes: How to Successfully Identify Problems Worth Solving

3.4.18: Inc.: Why We Don’t Try to Engage Our Customers

2.13.18: The Unsexy Startup: Why the Real Magic Is in the Unsexy with Cofounder & CEO of Kin Sean Harper

2.5.18: Technori: Chicago Tech Can Grow if Small Thinking Gets Dumped

1.30.18: Forbes: How New Entrepreneurs Can Tackle a Behemoth Industry with Few Resources

1.16.18: Bootstrapping in America

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