Your Home. Your Time. You’re Covered.

Your time is important. We get it. We want to get you the right policy without all the interruptions during your day. We’ll make sure that you understand every aspect of your coverage and help you get one more thing checked off your todo list.

Home Coverage That’s Special

Not all home insurance is made equal. Some policies only cover a handful of risks. Others will only cover a fraction of your losses. A Kin policy covers you for nearly any risk and ensures that you’re covered to rebuild, or replace, your home like new. Your home coverage is the strong foundation that your Kin policy is built on, but it’s only the beginning.

Your Stuff Is Covered Too

Did you know that your homeowners insurance covers all the stuff you own as well? Most people do, but what’s less known is that this coverage extends beyond the walls of your home. Your stuff covered everywhere in the world. Additionally, many policies only cover it for the depreciated value. All Kin policies cover your stuff for its replacement cost. We’ll rebuild or replace it like new.

Affordable Deductibles

A high deductible looks great when you’re buying a policy and you see the low rates, but that deductible can kick in at the worst of times and add an additional burden you don’t need. All Kin policies offer deductibles that are affordable and won’t leave you underwater when it matters most.

Legal & Medical Liability

Your Kin policy also protects you from lawsuits. We will cover your legal expenses if someone gets injured on your property. We protect you from having to pay their medical expenses too. It’s another way that Kin ensures you are covered when it matters most.

Learn About Our Coverage

You shouldn't need an advanced degree to understand your insurance policy. Learn about what a Kin policy offers, with real world examples, to provide clarity and provide peace of mind.

Insurance Resources For You

Your policy coverage is only the tip of the iceberg. We've put together these resources to help you understand the other aspects of your policy that you should consider while shopping around.

Your Home. Your Time. You’re Covered.

Your time is important. We get it. That’s why want to get you the right policy, without all the interruptions. Get a quote with just your address, and customize it when it works best for you. You don’t have to talk to an agent… unless you want to.

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