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Kin's Guide to Home Insurance

It’s a universal truth: insurance is unnecessarily complex. Home insurance, in particular, can be difficult to understand. Isn’t flooding covered by my insurance policy? How much of my home repairs does my policy cover? What about my shed, my furniture?

Today’s leading policy providers don’t make understanding home insurance any easier. Their lack of transparency makes even the most basic of tasks - such as getting a reliable home insurance quote - difficult. This isn’t necessarily intentional, but rather the result of holding onto outdated insurance practices.

Yet home insurance doesn’t have to be this way. We at Kin use today’s technology to bring accurate home insurance to users with just a few clicks.

Homeowners Insurance Today

Today’s insurance companies may appear to be cutting-edge, but that’s far from the case. They still rely on the traditional - what we call outdated - way of handling insurance. Fixtures in the home insurance industry include:

  • Incumbents: Companies that are known nationwide have such huge client bases, they don’t really need to innovate. Think Geico, Nationwide, and Allstate. In fact, these companies may have grabbed you early in life with auto insurance when buying your first car. Did you at least consider the same company for your home insurance?

  • Agents: These people act in the middle between customers and insurers. Similar to industries like tax filing or real estate, agents help consumers navigate a complicated process or access inventory they might not otherwise find. Agents in any market do come at a cost, however, and result in the total cost of insurance, like other financial services, being higher due to their commissions.

  • Claims: Most agents and carriers make it harder to file claims. Visits from home adjusters aren’t always scheduled ASAP, not to mention potential disputes about coverage amounts.

You may be thinking “Sure, the discounted price sounds great, but it all comes down to policy. What does Kin’s homeowner’s insurance cover? What, exactly, are the benefits?”

Rest assured, we’re about to dive into the specifics without getting technical. It’s our job to lay out our home insurance policies for everyone to understand.

Clear & Transparent Home Insurance Policy

Yes, most insurance sites say “Easy to Get Started,” but we really mean it. Simply enter your address on our site, and you’ll be taken to an overview screen of your customized homeowner’s policy.

You'll see your quote, and the exact coverage. You're free to customize your policy, and see how your changes impact your quote in real time. No waiting.
You'll see your quote, and the exact coverage. You're free to customize your policy, and see how your changes impact your quote in real time. No waiting.

Specifically, our home insurance quote page outlines:

  • Coverage for your home: Our policies include coverage for home replacement costs and other structures (e.g. shed, guest home).

  • Personal liability and personal property: Our policies include personal liability coverage and coverage for your home’s possessions. Items like furniture, electronics, and other personal items are treated separately from home damage, so it’s important to understand the amounts for each your policy covers.

  • Standard and hurricane deductibles: Deductibles are what you’ll have to pay upfront if you need to file a home insurance claim. In Florida, homeowners need to know both their standard and hurricane deductibles. Hurricane deductibles typically start at two percent of your home coverage.

  • Show annual premium: Finally, our policy overview displays the annual premium you’ll pay with Kin. This amount is based on your home’s address and will consider factors like additional structures and home value.


What Kin’s Insurance Policies Cover

Of course, an overview screen is…an overview, and expects homeowners to know the basics of home insurance coverage. What does replacement cost mean? How do I know if I need more or less of a particular type of coverage?

In this section, we’ll cover in detail the coverage elements that make up Kin’s insurance policies. Let’s start with the most important: your home.

Dwelling (Main Structure) Insurance

Dwelling insurance covers the costs of repairing and rebuilding your main home structure. This would include components like walls, roofs, windows, and support beams.

Dwelling insurance typically covers:

  • Fire/smoke damage

  • Hurricanes

  • Hail

  • Lightning

  • Theft

  • Water damage (e.g. burst pipes and appliance flooding)

Homeowners should know that policies typically don’t cover:

  • Earthquakes

  • Flooding

  • General wear and tear

  • Lack of regular and proper maintenance (i.e. negligence)

Understanding Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost

Home insurance providers can pay a claim in two ways: actual cash value or replacement costs.

Actual cash value calculates the present value of your home, taking into account depreciation. Since this does lower the amount of money paid out by your insurance provider, your premiums will likely be lower. However, a lower payout may limit your ability to use high-quality materials to replace your damaged home.

Kin only deals with replacement cost coverage, ensuring customers that they will always get paid a fair amount that will get their lives back on track faster.

Replacement cost, on the other hand, will pay out the cost to replace your home with the same or similar-quality materials originally used. While premiums may be higher, the payout does give you greater flexibility when considering home repair options.

The Kin Difference

Kin only deals with replacement cost coverage, ensuring customers that they will always get paid a fair amount that will get their lives back on track faster.

Other Structures Insurance

Other structures insurance covers additional structures on your property. This would include driveways, guest homes, fences, and pools (note that other structures used exclusively for business typically aren’t covered). The same risks included in your dwelling insurance usually apply for other structures.

Other structure insurance coverage typically starts at 10 percent of your main structure coverage. Most insurers, however, give homeowners the option to increase this coverage to best fit their needs. 

The Kin Difference

Similar to dwelling insurance, Kin only offers replacement cost coverage for other structures, giving you the best flexibility when repairing everything on your property.

Personal Property Insurance

Personal property insurance covers the costs of the personal possessions in your home. Common item categories covered by this insurance include clothing, electronics, furniture, and jewelry.

Most standard home insurance policies include some personal property coverage, though there may be limits to certain loss types. That’s why you should consider adding scheduled personal property coverage, which allows you to list specific items you’d like covered under your policy, This is highly recommended if you have high-value or irreplaceable items.

Something else to keep in mind is that some standard personal property policies will only cover losses from certain events. Homeowners should consider adding a special personal property endorsement to expand your coverage (i.e. events covered).

The Kin Difference

Our policy quote page clearly outlines the amount of personal property coverage you’ll receive with your policy. We believe that full transparency is key to ensuring we have the trust of our customers.

Loss of Use Insurance

Loss of use covers additional living expenses that you may incur if you’re displaced from your home due to a disaster. This would include hotel costs, restaurant bills, laundry fees, and transportation costs.

It’s important to note that loss of use coverage doesn’t typically cover mortgages, rental income, or expenses to meet your standard cost of living.

As with other policy components, payout limits are a percentage of your dwelling insurance coverage. For Kin policyholders, your coverage will be 20 percent.

The Kin Difference

Our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team is here to walk you through any questions you may have about what qualifies under loss of use coverage. As a Kin customer, you’re never left guessing what may be covered.

Home Insurance Quotes Made Easy

There’s no reason why homeowners should muddle through the well-known pains of homeowner’s insurance. Reliable quotes should be readily available. Policy details should be easy to understand. Filing claims shouldn’t be a drawn-out process while you wait for a check.

We at Kin are the answer. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or are in the process of moving into your new home, our approach to insurance will keep you informed and satisfied all while keeping more money in your pocket.

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