Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Review

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Review: What the Consumer Data Says

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance is a Florida-based insurance carrier with moderate customer reviews and rates. Founded in 1997, it now serves 18 states. In Florida, the company has approximately 9.7 percent of the homeowners insurance market share, and it sells home insurance through agencies and direct to consumer.

This Universal Property and Casualty review will use consumer data, including customer reviews, to gauge whether it’s the best home insurance company for serving Florida homeowners. We will compare the data directly to Kin so you can see how each company measures up on the most important metric: customer satisfaction.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance vs. Kin on Customer Reviews

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance’s Google reviews average 3.6 out of 5. As you can guess based on that score, the reviews are mixed: some folks are content and others are unhappy. After reading the reviews, some trends start to emerge.

The five-star Google reviews point out individual representatives who were “kind and considerate” to work with. The one-star reviews tend to cite issues with claims. The negative reviews report a lack of communication and slow claims processing. One review reported a water leak claim had been open for 90 days and it still wasn’t settled.

Reviews in response to Hurricane Irma are mixed, too. In total, more than half of the 35 reviews that cited the hurricane were critical of the claims experience.

By contrast, Kin’s customer reviews average 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Customers tend to overwhelmingly cite our team’s expertise and the ease with which they got insured. Like other insurance companies, our reviews note specific agents folks worked with and how pleasant and professional they were. One reviewer even noted we beat the competition’s price by $500 and increased their coverage in doing so.

Take a look at the average customer review scores for Kin vs. Universal Property and Casualty:

Bottom line: Universal Property and Casualty offers a mixed claims experience for many customers.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance vs. Kin on Average Premium

The cost of homeowners insurance is always a big consideration when choosing a home insurance company. You don’t want to overpay for coverage, but you also don’t want to underinsure your home.

Price is where we tend to really outshine competitors like Universal Property and Casualty. Our average premium is $1,354; theirs is $1,932 to insure the same type of home. In other words, their average premium is 42 percent higher.

Average Annual Premium for a $300k Newly Built Home

State Kin Average Premium UP&C Average Premium
Florida $1,354 $1,932

Keep in mind that not every homeowner insured by Kin will pay $1,354 in annual premium. Homeowners premiums vary based on location, house size, construction, claims history, and more.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance on Claims

A homeowners insurance policy should prove its value when you have to file a claim. Many Florida homeowners are often left disappointed when they actually need their coverage to help them recover after devastating hurricanes and floods. Customer reviews can offer a glimpse at what to expect from an insurance company’s claims experience.

Universal Property and Casualty has very polarized claims reviews, suggesting that the claims experience is contingent on the claims representative or how busy the claims department is.

We understand that speed and communication matter when handling a claim. That’s why we use technology to streamline claims processing to make sure your claim is settled quickly, fairly, and easily. Our Managed Repair Network ensures you are paired with licensed, insured, local contractors to get repair work done professionally and fast.

We also get in touch with our customers after a storm. This may seem like extra work, but it’s important for us to be there for you after a disaster.

Curious about how Kin can improve the homeowners insurance experience for you? Get a quote today to see how we can save you money and provide the best customer service.

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