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Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes you’ll find in the country. With 300 days of sunshine, the state offers residents plenty of opportunity to take in the beauty whether they’re hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. And many Coloradans have found that owning a mobile home helps keep living costs down so they can enjoy the great outdoors and the many toys that accompany their recreational activities.

Even though mobile homes are an affordable way to get quality housing, they still need insurance. Strong thunderstorms that bring straight-line winds and large hail are major threats across the Centennial State, making mobile home insurance essential.

Note: Kin currently doesn’t offer mobile home insurance in Colorado, but we’re coming soon! Stay tuned.

Colorado Mobile Home Facts

Colorado boasts more than 599 mobile home parks that cover the diverse landscape from plains communities to ski towns. The average cost of a mobile home in Colorado, approximately $84,000, makes it a significant investment that should be insured. In fact, most lenders require it.

Colorado mobile home parks also have their own rules and regulations that often include having a valid mobile home insurance policy. This protects the park from liabilities that may occur with you living there. Park management is the best resource for understanding the rules in your community.

What Is Colorado Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance in Colorado protects your home in case there is a covered loss. Covered losses typically include events like fire, theft, burst pipes, or windstorm.

In addition to covering your mobile home when it’s damaged, Colorado mobile home insurance can also pay for:

  • Damage to other structures, like a garage or shed.
  • Additional living expenses if you have to temporarily relocate during repairs.
  • Your legal liability if someone sues you for their bodily harm or property damage.
  • Immediate medical care for people injured on your property.

Without insurance, you’d be stuck paying for all repairs, medical bills, and legal costs out of your savings—and that can lead to tens of thousands of dollars!

Colorado Mobile Home Insurance Costs

The cost of mobile home insurance in Colorado can vary widely. Nationally, premiums range from $250 to $1,300 a year, and Colorado rates are just as widespread. The best way to get a ballpark figure on your mobile home insurance is to request a quote.

The reason that costs vary so significantly is that insurance carriers need to consider a slew of facts about your mobile home to figure out what it costs to insure it. These include its location and age, plus any upgrades you’ve made. Insurers also look at your claims history. When you have a lot of claims, you may be considered a higher risk and that sends your rate up accordingly.

Other factors that go into mobile home insurance premiums include the level of liability coverage you choose and the value of personal property you insure. The higher these numbers, the higher your rates.

Colorado Mobile Home Insurance Discounts

Safe homeowners get bigger discounts. Here are some ways you can protect your property and qualify for discounts:

  • You reside in a mobile park.
  • You have smart home protective devices.
  • You are 50 years or older.
  • You’ve had no lapse in coverage for the past three years.
  • You have a clean claims history.
  • Your mobile home is your primary residence.
  • You elect for an electronic policy.

How Is Colorado Mobile Home Insurance Different from Homeowners Insurance?

Mobile home owners and traditional homeowners both need to insure their investments, but they use different insurance to do it. If you own a mobile home, you get an HO7 policy while traditional homeowners use an HO3 policy. This is mostly because mobile homes are not built to the same standards as traditional homes, so they’re considered a higher risk. As a result, premiums are usually higher for an HO7 policy.

Where the two policies are the same is in how they protect your home. Both policies cover the policyholder’s include property, belongings, and liability. They also both kick in for the same types of losses such as fire or windstorm. And if you get either policy from us, you’ll have replacement cost coverage to make sure you’re made whole during a covered loss.

Mobile Home vs. Manufactured Home vs. Modular Home

Mobile homes and manufactured homes are essentially built the same way. Both describe prefabricated homes built on a chassis that are typically towed to the location where you will live. However, there is one difference between these two: the build date.

Mobile homes built after June 15, 1976, are called manufactured homes. That’s the date when the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) imposed safety standards on mobile homes to protect homeowners. In order to mark the change, HUD mandated legal documents use the term “manufactured home” to denote prefabricated homes that meet these standards. Both of these are insured with mobile home insurance.

A modular home are also built in a factory, but they are usually made up of sections, or modules. A homeowner picks out certain modules to design their unique home, and the company transports them to the property where they are assembled on a foundation. Insuring a modular home requires homeowners insurance.

How to Get a Colorado Manufactured Home Insurance Quote

Buying mobile home insurance doesn’t have to be hard. You’ll usually need to have the following information on hand to get a quote quickly:

  • Your vehicle identification number (VIN): You can find your VIN on the data plate inside your home or stamped on its steel frame.
  • The value of your personal belongings: A rough estimate of the value of these items helps ensure you have good coverage.
  • Proof of insurance and safety features: This information determines your discounts.

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