Personal Reporting and Your Policy

Many things are used to determine the premium you pay for homeowners insurance. For example, the amount of coverage, your geographical location, or the replacement cost of your home. Most of these factors depend on characteristics of your home, but there are two factors that depend on you as opposed to your property: Your insurance score and your claims history.

Your Insurance Score

Your "insurance score" is a score calculated by LexisNexis that helps insurance companies predict losses. It's a minor factor in calculating your premium, but it does matter. Your insurance score is different than your "credit score" and obtaining it does not affect your credit.

Your Prior Claims Report

The other personal report that affects your premium is your prior claims report. Like the name implies, this report simply states how many claims you've had, what kind of claims they were, and when they were placed.

Your claims history can affect the price you pay for insurance, so it's very important to talk to your agent before you file a claim, so that you can understand how it may affect you in the future.

As well, some insurance companies will not underwrite a policy if you have had certain kinds of claims in the past.

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