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It’s little surprise the Atlanta-Sandy-Springs-Marietta metro was ranked among the 20 best housing markets to invest in for 2018. No matter what you call the city – The Dogwood City, Hotlanta, The ATL – one thing is certain: Atlanta is a great place to lay down roots. It’s a national center of commerce, the unofficial capital of the New South, and the number one filming location in the world. It doesn’t hurt that Atlanta is history-rich, not far from the coast, and brimming with great food, either.

So if you’re one of the city’s half million residents and a homeowner, count yourself lucky. Homeownership in the city hovers around 43 percent as of 2016.

And this guide will help you protect that investment in your family and your future with the right home insurance.

How to Find Coverage that Fits Your Atlanta Home & Budget

A quality home insurance policy should offer replacement-cost coverage for your house, its other structures (fence, garage, etc.), and your belongings. This type of protection ensures your payout will be enough to actually repair and replace your things with similar items at the current market rate.

But how do you know if you have enough coverage? You can estimate the appropriate amount of dwelling insurance to carry by:

  • Looking up local building costs per square foot in Atlanta.
  • Multiplying that figure by your home’s square footage.

The result will be about how much coverage makes sense for your home itself. As for your belongings, experts usually suggest 20 to 50 percent of your dwelling coverage is appropriate. So if you have $200,000 in dwelling insurance, $40,000 to $100,000 to protect your property is reasonable.

Or if you’d rather someone else crunch the numbers, ask your Kin agent for a recommendation.

Learn How to Save on Home Insurance​

Homeowners Insurance Cost

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What Impacts My Home Insurance Premium?

Find out which factors can impact how much you pay for home insurance.

Other Home Coverage Considerations for Atlanta

When you buy coverage from Kin, your standard policy offers protection for wind damage caused by hurricanes, but not flood damage. Flood insurance must usually be purchased separately.

Most of Atlanta is in Flood Zone X, which means it faces 0.2 percent annual flood chance or less. In other words, flood risk is minimal. However, as hurricanes get stronger, that may change, as evidenced by Hurricane Michael, which flooded some parts of metro Atlanta in 2018.

Of course, we can easily help you secure flood insurance. Just ask!

Most of landlocked Atlanta is in a Flood Zone X, but strong hurricanes still pose a flood risk for the area.

What Do You Need to Get a Home Insurance Quote?

That depends on where you shop, but at Kin, we usually ask that you have the following documents ready to go:

These documents will help you secure the lowest homeowners insurance rates.

Average Homeowners Insurance Cost in Atlanta

The best way to find out how much home insurance will be for your Atlanta home is to get a quote from us. That’s because the unique characteristics that make your home yours can have a real impact on your rates.

That said, according to our data, the median cost of home insurance in Atlanta is $1,462 per year or about $121 a month.

Atlanta home insurance costs about $1,462 a year or $121 a month.

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