Home Insurance in Moreno Valley, CA

Learn how to find affordable homeowners insurance in Moreno Valley.

Affordable Homeowners Insurance in Moreno Valley, California

Moreno Valley, a family-friendly town in Southern California, is a gem for homeowners who enjoy the great outdoors. Between Box Springs Mountain and Lake Perris, there’s plenty of hiking, camping, and fishing to do. And you can always learn something new at the March Field Air Museum or the Orange Empire Railway Museum. Add in the affordable cost of living, and it’s no wonder Moreno Valley is such a popular place to live – it more than doubled in size since 1990.

But Moreno Valley homeowners need the right California home insurance to protect their home from wildfires and more. Find out how much it costs and what risks you may need to prepare for.

Moreno Valley Home Insurance Costs

Moreno Valley home insurance costs $1,095 a year on average with Kin. Keep in mind that includes wildfire insurance, a must-have for homeowners near open space.

When comparing insurance options, remember to make sure your home’s replacement cost is accurate. This cost may be more or less than the market value of your home because it doesn’t account for amenities, the land your home sits on, or curb appeal. It reflects what it would cost to rebuild your home from the ground up to its former glory at today’s construction costs.

Average Moreno Valley Home Insurance Premiums by Company

Kin Allstate Travelers
$1,095 $816 $905

Averages give you an idea of what your home insurance may cost, but your price may be higher or lower depending on your home’s age, size, construction, and exact location. The only way to know what your policy will cost is to get a quote. It’s fast, free, and doesn’t impact your credit score.

What Moreno Valley Home Insurance Covers

Our HO3 policies protect your home and help you recover quickly after a loss. When shopping for insurance, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. There’s a big difference between a policy that only offers actual cash value coverage for your home and one that offers replacement cost coverage.

Your home insurance should offer these basic protections:

  • Replacement cost dwelling coverage: Pays to repair or rebuild your home if it’s damaged or destroyed.
  • Other structures coverage: Pays to repair or rebuild detached structures on your property, like sheds, fences, or guest units.
  • Personal property coverage: Pays to replace or repair your belongings, like furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, decor, and more.
  • Loss of use coverage: Pays for temporary lodging and additional living expenses when a covered claim keeps you from living at home.
  • Personal liability coverage: Pays for legal expenses when you’re sued over someone’s property damage or bodily injuries.
  • Medical payments coverage: Covers small medical bills for guests who get injured on your property.

You can also customize your policy with endorsements. For example, you could add on coverage for mold damage.

Moreno Valley’s Major Risks

Your Kin policy covers all events except those the policy lists as exclusions, and that covers a lot: theft, fire, windstorms, appliance water damage, and more. But what about natural disasters? Standard insurance policies don’t cover earthquakes or floods, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

Moreno Valley Wildfire Coverage

Moreno Valley’s great outdoors is a double-edged sword: its proximity to open space is a delight for those who love nature, but open space is a serious wildfire risk. The area experiences frequent small wildfires that burn hundreds of acres of land throughout the year. If you’re a homeowner who lives near open space, it may be tricky to get insurance. Luckily, all our policies include wildfire insurance, which covers fire, smoke, and internal explosion damage.

Moreno Valley Flood Insurance

In a valley, the area is surrounded by higher ground where runoff can easily create flash flooding. Most homeowners in the area should consider flood insurance to cover damage caused by rising waters and storm surges. You can add on flood insurance for that protection.

Earthquake Coverage in Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley gets its fair share of California shakers, mostly a magnitude 3.5 or less. These small shakers are a good reminder that the big one is inevitable. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover earthquake damage, but earthquake insurance does. This can cover damage to your home and belongings caused by the shaking.

How to Lower Moreno Valley Home Insurance Costs

Moreno Valley homeowners can save even more on home insurance by making homes safer. We offer easy discounts for safety devices, brush removal, and more:

  • Smart home safety and security devices.
  • Secure communities.
  • Electronic policies.
  • Ember resistant venting.
  • Annual brush removal contract.
  • LEED-certified homes.
  • New homebuyers.

You can also choose a higher deductible for lower yearly premiums. Slightly higher out-of-pocket costs when you file a claim may be worth the lower insurance bill. Plus, a higher deductible discourages smaller claims, which helps you stay claims-free longer.

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