Insurance Agents Work for You

Insurance agents are supposed to be on your team. They do things like explain what is and isn't covered by your policy, offer guidance on the best way to file claims, help you find the right balance between coverage and price, and most importantly, make sure that your coverage is up to date.

Agents with Superpowers

We're a tech company, and that extends to the tools we build for our agents. This makes them super fast, very efficient, and extremely accurate. And because our focus is on customer service, our agents won't try to upsell you coverage you don't need. Think of them as your friendly insurance superheroes.

Expert Agents Always Available

Kin is online-first insurance, which means we're available 24/7, 365. But that doesn't mean we're online only. Sometimes you want to talk to a human, so we have a crack team of agents and customer service specialists to answer any questions and help you manage your insurance.

Still Looking? No Problem

Our agents are true experts on everything home insurance, and they can help you before, during, or after you get insurance from us.

Learn about Our Coverage

You shouldn't need an advanced degree to understand your insurance policy. Learn about what a Kin policy offers, with real world examples, to provide clarity and provide peace of mind.

Insurance Resources

Your policy coverage is only the tip of the iceberg. We've put together these resources to help you understand the other aspects of your policy that you should consider while shopping around.

Your Home. You’re Covered.

Find the right policy without the hassle. Get a quote with just your address.