What is the Responsible Repair discount?

Kin's Responsible Repair discount rewards homeowners who decline to hand over their claim benefits to a vendor.

Home being repaired from storm damage

Kin’s new Responsible Repair discount results in a statewide-average 5% discount for our Florida homeowners insurance policies.

We created the discount in response to Florida’s assignment of benefits reform (more on that in a bit).

The important part? You benefit from this discount with Kin if:

  • You live in Florida
  • You have a site-built home
  • You want to maintain your control during the claims process

The inspiration for the Responsible Repair discount

First, a little backstory: assignment of benefits is when a policyholder signs over their insurance rights to another party (usually a contractor). That might seem like it takes some burden off the homeowner during the claims process, but in practice, it allowed opportunists to inflate claims and sue insurance companies. There's evidence that attorneys were even encouraging these lawsuits and seeking to have the insurance companies pay the attorney fees.

That cycle was hurting homeowners. The surging cost of inflated claims kept forcing the price of home insurance up so insurers could stay solvent.

That’s a long way of saying reform was long overdue in Florida, but the state recently passed a law to help reduce insurance fraud and claim inflation – and that’s good news for everyone.

It means we can offer a policy that rewards you if you agree not to hand over your benefits to a contractor or vendor. When you agree to that, we give you our Responsible Repair discount – an acknowledgment that maintaining your control in the claims experience is important and responsible.

Questions about available discounts? Give us a call at 855-717-0022.


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