The inspiration behind “Florida, Man”

Mon Aug 9 2021

long haired man takes a selfie in a freshly scorched bedroom

You’ve seen the memes. In fact, you’ve probably taken the Florida Man Birthday Challenge – the one where you enter your birthdate and “Florida man” in Google and see what whacky headlines pop up: “Florida Man Strips Naked After Car Crash.” “Florida Man Mistakes Birdbath for Pool.” “Florida Man Sets House on Fire While Scaring Gators Away.”

Funny, right? There’s a headline for every occasion.

What often goes unsaid is that while the meme is entertaining, it’s also pretty unfair. The only reason anyone even hears wild stories out of Florida is that the state has good public record laws. Authorities make just about every document created by a public agency available to the media, which is something we should applaud, not ridicule.

But when the media runs a whacky Florida Man story, they’re rewarded with better ratings and more clicks. Which encourages them to find more Florida Man stories. Which bumps their ratings. Which encourages more stories.

It’s a vicious cycle – and one Florida doesn’t deserve.

We’ve been here for five years now, so we know just how great Florida is. As far as we’re concerned, the rest of the country can laugh at the memes. We’d rather show who Floridians really are, which is why we made our film “Florida, Man.”

Watch it here!

It’s not always sunny in the Sunshine State

Maybe the reason people pick on Florida so much is that they’re jealous. White sand beaches, azure skies, and sun more days than not give haters plenty of reasons to hate, especially if they’re under six feet of snow.

However, Floridians know that living in the Sunshine State doesn’t mean every day is sunny. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 40 percent of all US hurricanes hit Florida shores.The state also leads the nation in the number of hurricanes making landfall: 120. All of that would be bad enough, but Florida is also the lightning capital of the US . And most Floridians know that where there’s lightning, there’s bound to be hail.

So, yeah – Florida is beautiful, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Sooner or later, Florida happens to each and every one of its residents. And when it does, they need an insurance company that goes beyond the stereotype to see their side of the story.

Get home insurance that gets you

In the film, Florida Man asks, “Why does this stuff always happen to me?”

Paradise isn’t out to get you, Florida Man. Some days it just feels like it is. And for those times when lightning sets your home ablaze or hail crashes through your roof – or even when a hurricane blows it all away – you need homeowners insurance that’s got your back.

That’s where we come in. While more insurance companies cut and run after every storm , Kin looks at every Florida homeowner as a family – another reason we’re not going to let anyone make fun of you! – so we’re not going anywhere. Instead, we built an insurance company that can handle the risks that come with living in the Sunshine State by:

  • Customizing your coverage. Using granular data helps us better understand what types of risks your home actually faces. That way, we can tailor your coverage accordingly.
  • Providing 5-star customer care. We treat policyholders like family – only the best for our kin. That’s why we have thousands of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and a Net Promoter Score of 85 – more than double the industry average of 42.
  • Saving you money. By selling directly to you and cutting out middlemen, we keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you. Our most recent survey shows Kin customers save $600 on average.
  • Making claims easier. We use aerial imagery, satellite services, and virtual inspections so you can rebuild after a disaster faster.

What we’re trying to say is that Kin is more than just another tech company. We deal in insurance, and our goal is to help people protect their homes and loved ones. When Hurricane Ian hit the Florida coast, our Kinfolk stepped up to help their customers, communities, and each other. That’s our vision for Kin.

When it’s time to buy homeowners insurance, go with a company that understands you. Kin knows it’s not Florida Man; it’s just Florida, man.