Beyond break-ins: The benefits of a smart home security system

Wed Dec 5 2018

Smart home technology is more than just a buzzword. From your smart refrigerators in your kitchen to smart plugs just about everywhere else, modern technology is making life faster and easier than ever before. Shouldn’t your home security be keeping pace?

These days you have tons of options for keeping your property and loved ones safe. But only 46% of US households actually use smart technology.

Is a smart home security system right for you?

As you know, security systems can be a strong deterrent to would-be burglars, and they help protect your home from theft. However, today’s smart home security systems can do far more than just protect your family and property from break-ins — they can help you manage your home, keep tabs on your family and pets, and even save you money down the line.

Here are a few overlooked benefits of having a security system in your home.

1. Get better control over your home

Making upgrades to your home can make daily living more efficient and convenient, and some of today’s most popular home upgrades include smart technology:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Automated door locks and lighting systems
  • Smart sensors and detectors – even in your bathroom

Although these individual upgrades are great on their own, they’re even more powerful when they work in harmony.

That’s where a good smart home security system comes in. A wireless smart system is easy to install and operate, and its integrated technology makes it compatible with a number of smart home products. This can be a powerful feature that transforms your home security system into a one-stop hub for controlling smart home equipment throughout your home. Built-in schedules can automatically lock your doors and turn on the exterior lights, and you can manage it all with your smartphone. You’re always “at home,” even when you’re away.

2. Keep your family connected

If your family always has a packed scheduled, a smart home security system can help you know who’s coming and going.

Give every member of your family a separate key tag or pin code, and your security system can keep tabs on who is where throughout the day. Do your kids take the bus home from school when you’re still at work? When they unlock the door with their pin code, your smart lock can trigger a phone notification to let you know they’re home safely. Did your teen let the dogs out before going out with her friends? Check the security footage from your smart camera to be sure. It’s an easy way to keep your family on the same page (and maybe avoid some arguments).

3. Capture life’s big moments

From a pet doing something funny to your kids celebrating a big achievement, life is full of moments you wish you captured on film. If your security system features WiFi-enabled smart cameras, it’s easy to make that happen!

Although these camera systems are designed to spot potential intruders and catch package thieves in the act, they’re also great for recording first bike rides and identifying which pet tore up the couch. They’ll help your family sleep better at night and let your family have some fun at the same time.

4. Save (and make) Some money down the line

As great as all of these features are, the bottom line is that a good home security system can save you money over time:

  • Insurance providers typically offer discounts for security systems (but talk to your agent to see which systems qualify).
  • A quality home security product can add value to your property when it’s time to sell.
  • Footage from your security system can make all the difference in getting stolen property back or filing an insurance claim.

There are plenty of good reasons to consider adding a security system to your home as your next upgrade. The right system can boost your ability to monitor and protect your home, belongings, and family – and help you earn discounts on your home insurance.

Wondering if there are more ways to make sure your home is really secure? Take a look at our article on the latest home network security options to see if you’re up to date.

About the author

Eric Murrell is a software developer and technology contributor to Xfinity Home . He enjoys sharing tips on how people can benefit from incorporating smart home automation and security in their homes on his blog At Home in the Future .