Know Your Local Flood Disclosure Laws

If you’re selling or buying a house in a flood zone, it’s important to disclose and understand your property’s history with flood events.

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8 Money-Saving Tips for First-Time Homeowners

A lot of factors go into buying a house for the first time, but perhaps the most pressing concern usually boils down to money. How can you afford a new home? How do you keep bills and home insurance premiums low?

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Fire Prevention for All Homeowners

You don’t have to live in California to find yourself in the path of a wildfire. These disasters can and do spread across most western states.

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Millennial’s Guide to Homeowners Insurance

Welcome to homeownership, millennials! 

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When to Trim Trees (and Other Pressing Tree Questions)

Tree maintenance can help prevent damage to your home. Of course, summer is not the best time to prune your trees in most parts of North America, but it is a great season to give them some extra love and attention. This effort may include the application of regular water, a fresh skirt of mulch, and in some cases, selectively trimming a few branches.

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10 Ridiculously Dangerous Home Trends

At this point in the year, you’ve probably already formed your own opinions about the worst home decor trends of 2019. But some of these are so dangerous, they’re worth talking about in July.

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Divorcing with a Mortgage? Here’s Your Guide

Splitting up is hard. It's even harder when you own a home together.

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5 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

You don't have to be a social butterfly to fit into your new neighborhood. Make friends and acquaintances with these five steps. 

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The New Flood Season

Flood season is here. Are you ready for it?

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Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal with a Home & Garden Show

Thinking of selling your home in the next few years? Tired of the neighbors’ rose bushes looking better than yours? Finally have some extra cash around to spend on your house and yard? Whatever your reasons for wanting to improve your home’s curb appeal, you’ll find your area’s spring home and garden show to be wildly helpful.

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