Three Products that Reduce Home Insurance Costs

Dec 26, 2017

Home Interior

Kin is a new breed of homeowner’s insurance. We save homeowners money on premiums, and help protect homes. Nobody wins when a home is damaged. 

We have partnered with three companies that do just that. Each partner must fit the following criteria:

  1. They are well regarded. No fly-by-night businesses.
  2. They actively make your home safer.
  3. Their benefit must translate to lower home insurance premiums for our customers.


If you’ve ever had pipes burst or returned home to flooding, you know how serious water damage can be. Water issues are common, too; homes are two times more likely to encounter damage from water than from fire and theft combined. FLO monitors your water consumption by easily installing on your main water line. It detects abnormalities in your water usage, alerts you to them, and can shut off your water if it detects an anomaly, such as a burst pipe, limiting damage that could otherwise be catastrophic.

The system normally costs $499, but all Kin customers can get it for free. Because the risk of water damage is mitigated, an average customer will get a $50 premium discount, too! [Update: We're temporarily out of Flo devices! When you apply, be sure to let your agent know that you're interested so you can be notified when the devices are back in stock.]


Another way to lower your homeowner’s insurance premium is with a qualified home security system. LiveWatch is one of the best in the industry, and also offers monitors for fire and carbon monoxide. It’s normally $99, but all Kin customers receive it absolutely free. Plus, the resulting home security discount saves our customers about $100 on their insurance premium.


The number one way to save big bucks on Florida homeowners insurance is through wind mitigation credits. The State of Florida has mandated that insurance companies provide discounts to homeowners with recommended roof and opening protection for hurricane winds. 

Qualified Kin customers (those with older or damaged roofs) can apply to get a brand new roof and/or hurricane opening protection financed at little to no upfront cost through our partnership with MyStrongHome. If you’re in the market for a new roof, the prices can give you sticker shock! The MyStrongHome program is an excellent alternative for folks who need a new roof and have little upfront cash to do so.

The average customer can expect to save about $1,000 on their annual homeowners insurance premium with the new wind mitigation credits. But the best part is having a one of the most hurricane ready homes on the block, which of course increases your home’s value too!


As part of our mission to improve home insurance, we aim to make our customer's homes safer. These three products will not only do that, but will help save you on your premium, as well. Give us a call at (855) 717-0022 to get more information, or start your application here.